Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Sep 11Preston.PHenry de Woodstock.The bishop.Thomas Cantilupe.Preferment.
1275 Oct 9Preston.PHenry de Wodestoke.The bishop.  
1299 Nov 12Preston.PName omitted.The bishop.Peter de Langone.Death.
1300 Jul 20Preston. Robert de Preston, priest.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1303 May 17Preston.PWilliam de Kingscote.The bishop.Roger of Canterbury.Death.
1310 Apr 18Preston.PWilliam de Wyk, subd.The bishop.William de Kingscote.Death.
1320 Dec 17Preston.PThomas Talbot, priest. [3]The bishop.William de Wyke.Resignation.
1350 Apr 9Preston.VThomas Tyrel.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.Richard Owen.Resignation.
1352 Apr 1Preston.VHugh Mayel, deacon.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1355 Jun 10Preston.VThomas Rondulf, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.Hugh Mayel.Death.
1363 Jun 21Preston in Ross deanery.VRichd. Osberne.   
1377 Mar 19Preston.VWm. Brey, chaplain.Abbot and convent of S. Peter, Gloucester.  
1395 Oct 4Preston.VJohn Pristitz, rector of Humber, Hereford dioc. Michael Inge, vicar of Preston.Exchange.
1409 Apr 22Preston.VJohn Hervy, vicar of Weston.Dean of Hereford.John Taylour.Exchange.
1428 Apr 8Preston.PNicholas Lyney.The bishop.Edmund Ruyall.Death.
1428 Feb 27Preston. John Barbour, chapl. [1]Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc.  
1429 Jan 28Preston.PHenry Newton.The bishop.Nich Lyney.Death.
1437 Jul 12Preston.VJames Veerne.Abbot and conv. of S. Peter's, Gloucester.John Harper.Deprivation.
1439 Oct 26Preston.PRobert Jordan, notary public.The bishop.Henry Newton.Death.
1440 Jul 30Preston.VSymon Wyllys, chapl.Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc.  
1441 Feb 15Preston.VRichard Kerver, chapl.Abbot and conv. of S. Peter, Glouc.Symon Wyllys.Death.
1466 Jan 5Preston.PMaster Thomas Saint Just, the king's chaplain. [5]The bishop.  
1467 Sep 22Preston.PGeoffrey Castello.The bishop.Thos. Seint Just.Death.
1468 Apr 29Preston.PMaster Robert Isham.The bishop.Geoffrey Castelle.Resignation.
1512 Oct 23Preston.PMaster Miles Ragon.The bishop.? Blythe. [4]Resignation.
1515 Feb 23Preston.VWilliam Dawys. [2]Abbot and conv. of Gloucester.John Smith.Resignation.
1531 Jan 3Preston.PJohn Yorke, art.mag.The bishop.Miles Ragon. Death.
1746 Dec 19Preston.PEdward Ballard, D.D.The bishop.John Rodd.Death.
1756 Jul 1Preston.PJohn Stephens, LL.B.The bishop.Edward Ballard.Resignation.
1762 May 22Preston.PHon. Shute Barrington, LL.D.The bishop.John Stephens.Resignation.
1769 Dec 1Preston.PThomas Powys, M.A.The king, for this turn.Shute Barrington.Preferment to bishopric of Llandaff.
1809 Dec 6Preston.PEdward Barnard, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Powys.Death.
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