Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1390 Sep 17Preston-on-Wye.VMichael Ynge, vicar of Weston, Hereford dioc. William de Sturgesley, vicar of Preston-on-Wye.Exchange.
1708 Jun 11Preston-super-Vagam.VGeorge Phelps.The dean and chapter of Hereford.William Hosier.Death.
1715 Dec 16Preston-on-Wye.VRichard Waring, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.George Phelps.Resignation.
1821 Jun 8Preston-on-Wye and Blakemere.VEdward Howells.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Lewis Maxey. Death.
1873 Apr 28Preston-on-Wye with Blakemere.VAndrew Pope, M.A. The dean and chapter of Hereford.Edward Howells. Resignation.
1881 Apr 30Preston-on-Wye with Blakemere.VWilliam Robt. Shepherd.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Andrew Pope. Cession.
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