Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1339 Mar 23Pulverbach. Thomas le Botiller.Wm. le Botiller.  
1359 Apr 6Pulverbatch chapel. Wm. de Tiryngton, chaplain.The king. [2]Thos. Botiler.Death.
1394 Jul 31Pulverbatch chapel. Thomas Neuport.Thomas Gethe. After inquiry by commissioners.
1413 Jul 23Pulverbatch. Thomas Cokayn, clerk.Philip Boteller.Thomas Bowlas.Death.
1446 Mar 30Pulverbatch chapel. Thomas Janyn.Philip Botiller.  
1458 Jun 17Pulverbatch free chapel. Philip Botelere. [2]John Buttelere, lord of Pulverbatch.Thomas Janynse.Resignation.
1519 Apr 16Pulverbatch. Robert Orwell. [7]Philip Butler, arm.William Butler.Death.
1519 May 20Pulverbatch. John Butler.Philip Butler, arm. Robert Orwell. [11]Resignation.
1551 Sep 9Pulverbatch. William Davies.John Butler, of Lamer, Co. Herts., eq. aur.John Butler. Death.
1579 Aug 9Pulverbatch (Powderbache). Richard Crosse.John Butler and Philippa, his daughter and heiress.  
1672 May 2Pulverbatch. Henry Brickdale, B.A.Henry Haylyn, of Minster Lovell, arm.William Owen.Death.
1705 Jul 7Pulverbatch. George Llewellyn, M.A.Roger Owen, arm.Henry Brickdale.Death.
1739 Oct 13Pulverbatch. John Eyton, M.A,Trafford and Letitia Barnston (only surviving child and heir of Roger Owen of Condover, esq., dec.)George Lluellin. Death.
1744 Sep 25Pulverbatch. John Eyton, M,A.Trafford Barnston and Letitia, his wife.Last incumbent.Cession.
1781 Oct 1Pulverbatch. John Pyefinch.Nich. Owen Smythe, [5] of Condover, esq.John Eyton.Death.
1806 May 6Pulverbatch. William Gilpin, B.A. George, lord Kenyon. John Pyefinch. Death.
1848 Jun 17Pulverbach. Geo. Clifford Guise, M.A.Elizabeth Frances Webb, spinster.William Gilpin.Death.
1883 Jul 11Pulverbatch. Arthur Wright, M.A.Hon. William Trevor Kenyon, of Malpas, clerk.George Clifford Guise. Death.
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