Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Sep 18Putson.PNicholas de Poreham, J.C.P.The bishop.Nicholas de Knoville.Death.
1310 Nov 24Putson.PNicholas de Bereham.The bishop.Gilbert de Knovile.Death.
1312 Mar 22Putson.PHamo de Sandwich. [1]The bishop.Michael de Bereham. Exchange.
1358 Jul 19Putson.PNicholas de Newton, canon and prebendary of Tratlan. Peter de Wotton, canon.Exchange.
1384 Jun 3Putson.PRichard Thurban, portionor of the separate portion of the bishop of Winchester's tithes in Kingsclere commonly called Northangre. John Uptone, canon.Exchange.
1570 Nov 4Putson.PJohn Baddam.The bishop.   
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