Putson Minor

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1399 Oct 29Putson Min.PJohn Trefnant.The bishop.Rich. Thurban.Vacated.
1419 Apr 28Puttesdone minore.PJohn Dunstavylle, clerk.The bishop.John Desford.Death.
1440 May 28Putson Minor.PWilliam Drokyll, priest.The bishop.John Dunstaple.Resignation.
1474 Mar 10Putson min.PMaster Richard Martyn, in dec. bac.The bishop.  
1490 Nov 2Putson min.PChristopher Litton, clerk.The bishop.John Nans.Resignation.
1525 Jul 22Putson min.PJohn Mason, in musica bac.The bishopJohn Vyall.Death.
1548 Apr 19Putson minor.PWilliam Goldynge, B.A.The bishop.John Mason.Death.
1573 Mar 6Putson minus.PThomas Lloyd.The bishop.   
1614 Dec 10Putson parva.PJohn James, M.A.The bishop.   
1669 Jun 28Putson minor.PRichard Immings.The bishop.   
1676 Apr 8Putteston minor.PThomas Seddon, alias Sidney.The bishop.Richard Immings.Resignation.
1686 Mar 5Putson minor.PAdam Ottley, M.A. The bishop.   
1723 Oct 17Putson minor.PDaniel Wilson, M.A. The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1743 Mar 10Putson minor.PJoseph Guest, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1753 Sep 15Putson minor.PJoseph Guest, jun., M.A.The bishop.Joseph Guest.Resignation.
1804 Nov 2Putson minor.PRich Francis Onslow, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Guest.Death.
1808 Jun 13Putson minor.PHugh Hanmer Morgam, M.A.The bishop.Richard Francis Onslow.Cession.
1861 Sep 19Putson minor.PFrederick Custance, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Hanmer Morgan.Death.
1867 Sep 14Putson minor.PEdward Renn Hampden, M.A.The bishop.Fredk. Custance.Death.
1892 Jul 14Putson minor.PHenry Paul Prosser, M.A.The bishop.Edward Reno Hampden.Death.
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