Richards Castle

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1319 Jan 12Richards Castle. Thomas de Dortford, priest.(not mentioned).   
1357 Feb 2Richards Castle. Thos. Blauncfrount. Dame Juliana, relict of Sir John Talbot.Hugh de Byford. Death.
1387 Sep 26Richards Castle. Nich. Stone, clerk.The king. [4]  
1396 Nov 12Richards Castle. John Asshford, rector of S. Olav in Southwark, Winchester dioc. John Warrewyk, rector of Richards Castle.Exchange.
1396 Nov 24Richards Castle. John Assheford.Sir Warin Lercedeken.  
1427 Sep 20Richards Castle. Wm. Montgomery.Sir Walter Lucy.John Assheford. [3]Resignation.
1462 May 2Richards Castle. Hugh ap David.Walter Deyereux, lord de Ferrerys. [1]  
1462 Mar 5Richards Castle. Henry Smythe.Roger Corbet, of Moreton, armiger, and Elizabeth, his wife.Wm. Lloyd alias Montgomery. [5]Death.
1521 Nov 13Richard's Castle. Richard Benson.Richard Benson, generosus, and Wm. Benson, yeoman. [3]David Morys. [2]Resignation.
1549 Mar 10Richard's Castle. Richard Harford.The bishop.Richard Benson. [1]Resignation.
1562 Feb 13Richard's Castle. William Perkyns.The bishop.   
1563 Nov 26Richard's Castle. Brian Harrys.Rowland Bradshawe.   
1696 Sep 2Richard's Castle. Morgan Evans.John Salwey, arm.John Salwey.Death.
1702 Oct 15Richard's Castle. John Salwey, B.A.John Salwey, arm.Morgan Evans.Resignation.
1738 Dec 22Richard's Castle. Thomas Salwey, LL.B.Richard Salwey, esq.John Salwey.Resignation.
1772 Oct 20Richard's Castle. Thos. Baines, B.A.Bishop of Worcester.Richard Pritchett.Death.
1792 Sep 10Richard's Castle. Thos. Baines, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Last incumbent.Cession.
1802 Jul 2Richard's Castle. Fitzwilliam Halifax, B.A.Bishop of Worcester.Thomas Baines.Death.
1816 Dec 19Richard's Castle. Robert Fitzwilliam Hallifax, M.A.The bishop.Robt. Fitzwilliam Hallifax.Resignation.
1874 Jan 29Richard's Castle. George Maddison, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.George Landon.Death.
1892 Jul 26Richard's Castle. Timothy George. Watton, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.George Maddison.Resignation.
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