Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1336 Oct 9Rock. Richard le Clerk.The Crown.  
1340 Sep 11Rock. Roger de Stanford.Abbot and convent of S. Ebrulph.  
1340 Sep 11Rock.RRoger de Stafford, rector of St. Helen's, Worcester, Worc d. Richard Clerk, rector of Rock.Exchange.
1361 Jan 16Rock (Aka). John de Friseby, clerk.John Guerond, prior of Ware.  
1381 May 18Rock.RRichard Attewell, rector of Little Derset.The king (Ware abbey).Gaudinus Patemon, rector of Rock.Exchange.
1385 Oct 21Rock.RWilliam Kedermynstre, rector of Fenny Compton.The king (Ware abbey).Richard atte Welle, rector of Rock (Aka).Exchange.
1385 Feb 8Rock (Aka). Richard Crateford, parson of North Cerney.The king (Ware abbey).Walter Kedirmystre, parson of Rock (Aka).Exchange.
1398 May 21Rock. Thomas Ewyer.Prior of Montgomery.  
1399 Aug 31Rock. Willfam Lampery, chapl.The bishop.  
1414 Apr 14Rock (Rook). Rowland Bland.The king.William Lamprey.Resignation.
1415 Apr 23Rock (Rook). Robt Skinner, alias Mountgomery.The king.Rowland Bland.Resignation.
1416 Jun 1Rock (Rook). William Coryngham, clerk, canon and prebendary of St. Stephen in St. Mary's collegiate church, Shrewsbury, in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield.Prior and convent of S. John of Bethlehem.Robert Skinnere.Exchange.
1426 Nov 8Rock (Roke). John Thedilthorp, rector of New Radnor. John Monmouth, rector of Rock (Roke).Exchange.
1440 Jan 12Rock. John Willes, chapl.Prior and conv. of Shene.John Thedisthorne.Resignation.
1481 Dec 10Rock. John Spenser, chapl.Prior and conv. of Sheen.? [3]Resignation. [3]
1514 Nov 24Rock. John Algar.Prior and conv. of Jes. of Bethlehem, Sheen.John Wodroffe.Death.
1530 Mar 3Aka alias Rock. Richard Smythe.Prior and conv. of Sheen.John Algar. [1]Resignation.
1560 Apr 26Rock. John Cutbert.Thomas Grene (representing the late priory of Shene).   
1565 Aug 1Rock. Thomas Hopkyns.Thomas Grene. [2]  
1565 Aug 1Rock. Roger Normecott.Thomas Lows. [3]   
1565 Aug 21Rock. Clement Tasker.Thomas Brashaw. [4]  
1672 Nov 4Rock. Saresius Boylestone, B.A.Chas. Cornwall, St. Giles-in-the- Fields.Edward Partington.Death.
1716 Jul 13Rock, alias Aka. Edward Partington, B. A.Ed. Boylston, gen.Sare Boylston.Death.
1731 Sep 24Rock. William Petwin, M.A.John Meyse, gen.Edwin Partington.Death.
1733 Mar 9Rock. John Meysey, B.A.John Meysey, gen.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1764 Oct 15Rock, alias Aka. Ralph Lingen, M.A. Francis Watkins, gent., with consent of Chas. Watkins, esq.John Meysey. Death.
1770 Aug 11Rock, w. chapel of Heightington. Richard Watkins, B.A.Chas. Watkins Meysey, of Shakenhurst, Co. Worc., esq.Ralph Lingen.Resignation.
1805 Jun 29Rock. Ralph Lingen, M.A. Michael Woodhull, and Thos. Plumer, esqs. [1]Richard Watkins. Death.
1812 May 27Rock. Henry William Hill, B.A.Michael Woodhall, of Thenford, Co. Northants, esq. [1] Ralph Lingen.Death.
1840 Jul 2Rock. William Severne, M.A.John Mich. Severne, of Wallop Hall, esq., and Anna Maria, his wife.Henry William Hill. Death.
1853 Nov 12Rock with Hightington. Arthur Severne, M.A.John Mich. Severne, of Thenford House, Banbury, esq., and Anna Maria, his wife.William Severne. Resignation.
1862 Dec 5Rock. Alfred James, M.A,John Henry James, of Lincoln's Inn, esq.Arthur Severne.Cession.
1870 May 11Rock. Frederick Augustus Reiss, M.A.Caroline Reiss, of Eccles, widow.Alfred James.Resignation.
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