Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Apr 6Ross. William Daubeny.   
1288 Dec 24Ross. John de Shelvynge, deacon.The bishop.  
1295 Jul 25Ross. John de Kempsey, priest.The bishop.John de Shelvinge.Death.
1307 Dec 19Ross. John Goty.Papal provision.  
1308 Apr 6Ross. James de Henley.The bishop.  
1330 Oct 7Ross. John de Launceston, clerk.The bishop.  
1334 Jan 27Ross. Robert de Henley.The bishop.John de Laucestone.Death.
1340 Apr 12Ross.VJohn de Henley.Rector of Ross.  
1342 Oct 2Ross.RThomas Callebot, rector of Fulmer, Ely d. Robert de Homele, rector of Ross.Exchange.
1349 May 13Ross.VJohn le Yonge.Sir John Talbot, rector of Ross.  
1349 Feb 6Ross.VThomas le Mercer. [1]Thos. Talbot, rector of Ross.John le Henley.Death.
1349 Mar 16Ross.VAdam de Bernynton.Thomas Talbot, rector of Ross.Thos. le Mercer.Death.
1362 May 23Ross. Adam Esegar, canon of Hereford.The bishop.Sir Thos. Talbot.Death.
1377 Dec 5Ross.RRoger de Stanford, rector of Kemsey. William Lye, rector of Ross.Exchange.
1377 Mar 6Ross. John Godmestone. The bishop.Roger Stanford.Death.
1397 Jan 10Ross. William Panter.The bishop.John Godemestone, rector of Ross.Resignation.
1398 Apr 16Ross. John Trefnant.The bishop.  
1398 Sep 6Ross. John Godemaston.The Crown.  
1401 Jun 6Ross. John Tronant.The bishop.  
1402 Aug 30Ross. John Cresset, rector of Llandrunnyo, S. Asaph dioc.The Bishop.John ap Howell, rector of Ross.Exchange.
1408 Jan 19Ross. John Gardiner, rector of Blunham (Bloneham). Thomas Feld.Exchange.
1418 May 30Ross. Walter Lacy "having the first tonsure".The bishopJohn Gardiner.Resignation.
1418 Aug 26Ross. John Gardener.The bishop.Walter Lacy.Resignation.
1420 Aug 6Ross. John Staneway, rector of Aldrington, Worcester diocese.John Gardener, rector of Ross.Effected by the prior of Worcester, vicar general of Philip, bishop of Worcester.Exchange.
1430 Jul 20Ross. John Baysham, chapl.The bishop.John Staneway.Resignation.
1434 Jun 1Ross.VRichd. Lye, chapl.John Baysham, the rector of Ross.Thos. Yonge.Death.
1434 Jun 13Ross rectory. Richd. Roderham.The bishop.  
1454 Oct 26Ross. Master Robert Jordan.The bishop.Richard Roderham.Resignation.
1458 Dec 2Ross.VJohn Thamyes, in sacr. theol. bac.Robt. Jurdan, rector of Ross.Richd. Lye.Death.
1466 Mar 3Ross. Hugh Ragoun. [3]The bishop.Master Robt. Jordan.Death.
1482 Jan 30Ross.VThomas Mortone, utriusque juris bac.Hugh Ragon, rect. of Ross.John Themyse.Death.
1512 Jun 17Ross.RWilliam Gobard, in art. bac.The bishop.Rich. Judde.Death.
1514 Sep 25Ross.VRichd. Parkhurst, arc. mag.Wm. Goberd, rector of Ross.Thos. Chipenham. [5]Resignation.
1516 Jan 10Ross. William Webbe, archdeacon of Hereford. [2]The bishop.Wm. Goberd.Death.
1520 Sep 21Ross.VJohn Olyver, in decr. bac.William Webbe, rector of Ross, archdeacon of Hereford.Richard Parkehurst. [7]Resignation.
1521 Dec 5Ross. Edw. Fynche, canon of Salisbury, and preb. of Farringdon, in medicinis doctor. [5]The bishop.Wm. Webbe.Exchange.
1539 Apr 1Ross. Leonard Heydon. [1] Thomas Cromwell, knt., K.G., by the bishop's grant.Edwd. Fynche. Death.
1549 Nov 20Ross.VThomas Lewys.John Styrmyn, hac vice, for Leonard Heydon, rector of Ross.John Oliver, alias Smythe. [1]Resignation.
1554 Nov 4Ross. Griffyn Williams.Thomas Cowen.  
1563 Nov 6Ross.VLewis Williams.Griffiths Williams, rector ibidem.  
1574 Feb 28Ross. John Watkins.[5]  
1615 Nov 22Ross. Philip Price, M.A.The bishop.  
1679 Jun 13Ross. Thomas Brome, M.A.The bishop.John Newton, D.D.Death.
1699 Jun 15Ross. Charles Whiting, D.D.The bishop.Thomas Brome. Death.
1712 Apr 7Ross. Robert Morgan, D.D.The bishop.Charles Whiting. Death.
1745 Dec 23Ross. John Egerton, LL.B. The bishop.Robert Morgan, D.D.Death.
1771 Sep 27Ross. Theoph. Meredith, M.A.The king, for this turn.John Egerton.Translation to Durham.
1775 Nov 4Ross. Charles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Theophilus Meredith.Death.
1779 Aug 2Ross. Hugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Charles Morgan. Cession.
1801 Feb 16Ross. Thomas Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Morgan.Resignation.
1839 Sep 6Ross. Charles Armore Oglivie. Archbishop of Canterbury. [1] Thomas Underwood. Death.
1873 Mar 24Ross. Robt. Hen. Cobbold, M.A.The bishop.Charles Atmore Ogilvie.Death.
1893 Nov 1Ross. Edw. Henry Winnington Ingram.The bishop.Robert Henry Cobbold.Death.
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