Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1315 Jan 19Rushbury. Philip de Hagley, subd.Edward Burnel.  
1357 Aug 7Rushbury. Richard de Chelmdewyk, chaplain.Sir Nich. Burnell.Philip de Harley.Death.
1361 Nov 24Rushbury. Hy. de Becheford.Sir Nich. Burnell, knt.  
1369 Aug 2Rushbury. John de Strettone, chaplain.Sir Nich. de Burnell, knt.  
1388 Jul 11Rushbury. Henry Cottesmore, chaplain.Sir Hugh Burnell, knt., lord of Willey.Thos. de Neweport.Resignation.
1395 Oct 1Rushbury. Roger de Hay.Hugh de Burnell.Henry Cotesmore, rector of Rushbury.Resignation.
1400 Jul 28Rushbury. David ap Kynwerit, deacon.The bishop.  
1405 Jul 25Rushbury. James de Strettone, chaplain.Sir Hugh Burnell, knt., of Holgate and Wyely.   
1411 Aug 26Rushbury. John Huwes, rector of Onibury.Sir Hugh Burnell, knt.James Stretton.Exchange.
1425 Oct 18Rushbury. Mathew Lintone, chapl.William Burley.John Hewys. [2]Resignation.
1430 Jul 12Rushbury. Thomas Saurby, chapl. [2]Sir John Radcliffe.Wm. Radcliffe.Death.
1430 Mar 16Rushbury. William Radclyff.Sir John Radcliffe.Matth. Letton.Death.
1431 Mar 16Rushbury. William Radcliff.Sir John Radclyf.Matth. Letton.Death.
1461 May 1Rushbury. John Redhode.John, lord of Lovel Darnel and Holand.Master John Bromptone.Death.
1465 Nov 16Rushbury. John Smethcote.Johanna, lady de Lovelle.John Redhode.Resignation.
1482 Jan 21Rushbury. Ralph Berwik.Francis, lord of Lovell.John Smethcote.Death.
1529 Apr 30Rushbury. Peter Fowler. [8]Thomas, duke of Norfolk, lord treasurer.Ralph Berwyck. Death.
1531 Mar 15Rushbury. Owen Hensheman. Thomas, duke of Norfolk.Peter Fowler.Resignation.
1550 Jun 5Rushbury. Richard Doughtie. Edmund Wigmore, gen., and Hugh Davys, yeoman, hac vice, by concession of John Dudley, Viscount Lisle, patron.Owen Hynkeman.Deprivation.
1554 Sep 18Rushbury. William Phelippes.John Dudley, mil.Last incumbent.Deprivation.
1578 Sep 18Rushbury. Adam Litleton.Rich. Cressett,[1] arm.  
1616 May 27Rushbury. Richard Wrednall.Ed. Cressett, arm.  
1673 Jan 18Rushbury. James Crosse, M.A. James Pitt, of Kyre, arm.Thomas Adney.Death.
1684 Apr 9Rushbury. Vincent Hicks.William Parsons.James Cressett.Death.
1686 May 21Rushbury. Robert Shaw, M.A.Robert Cressett, arm.Vincent Hicks.Death.
1686 Jun 24Rushbury. Paul Broadhurst.The king, pro hac vice. Per pravitatem simonie.
1690 Sep 10Rushbury. Henry Tilley.Robt. Cressett, arm.Robert Shaw. Resignation.
1692 Feb 6Rushbury. John Morris, B.A.Robt. Cressett, arm.Henry Tilley.Death.
1695 Jul 2Rushbury. Edward Phillipps, B.A.Robert Cressett, arm.John Morris.Death.
1722 Apr 28Rushbury. Edward Cressett, B.A.Edw. Cressett, arm.Edward Philips.Death.
1730 Jul 3Rushbury. Geo. Carlton, M.A.Edw. Cressett, arm., a minor (with consent of Barbara Cressett, his mother and guardian).Edward Cressett. Resignation.
1747 Nov 3Rushbury. Thomas Hensleigh, M.A.The bishop, by lapse. George Carleton. Death.
1762 May 15Rushbury. William Pemberton, M.A.Elizabeth Cressett, of Cound, spinster.Thomas Hensleigh.Death.
1814 Jan 12Rushbury. Samuel Pickart.Bishop of Worcester.William Pemberton.Death.
1818 Feb 13Rushbury. Matthew Yatman Starkie, LL.B.Bishop of Worcester.Samuel Picart.Cession.
1851 Oct 23Rushbury. Fred. Harry Hotham, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Matthew Yatman Starkie.Death.
1887 Jul 2Rushbury. Steph. Brown Bathe, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Fredk. Harry Hotham. Death.
1891 Sep 2Rushbury. Robert Fletcher, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Stephen Brown. Bathe.Death.
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