Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1347 Jul 12Sarnesfield. John le Mon.Margaret de Sarnesfeld.  
1349 Aug 13Sarnesfield. Richard atte Mere. Thos. de Sarnesfeld.  
1349 Jan 10Sarnesfield. Robert Overse, clerk.Robert de Sarnesfeld.  
1369 Dec 7Sarnesfield. John Page.? lord of Sarnesfield.  
1388 Oct 28Sarnesfield. Wm. Kynstone,Thomas de Sarnesfeld.John Page.Death.
1413 Sep 6Sarnesfield. Lewis ap Howell, vicar of Bodenham.Geoffrey Arderne.William Hynstone.Exchange.
1422 Aug 30Sarnsfield. John Stede, chapl. [1]Hugh Monyton.  
1422 Oct 12Sarnesfeld. John Ely, clerk. [1]Hugh Monytone.  
1423 Dec 18Sarnesfield. Richard Berde, chapl.Hugh Moniton.John Elyes.Resignation.
1433 Apr 9Sarnesfield. Hugh Moore, chapl.Hugh Monytone.Richard Berd.Resignation.
1477 Aug 23Sarnesfield. Richard Walkere, chapl.Thomas Monyngton, armiger.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1544 Oct 25Sarnesfield. William Gylbert.Thom. Monnington, arm.William Patye.Death.
1579 May 20Sarnesfield. Richard Lewis.Richd. Monnington, arm.  
1663 Jan 13Sarnesfield. Martin Johnson.Elizabeth Monnington.   
1710 Jul 3Sarnesfield. William Tyler.Mary Monnington, widow. Martin Johnson. Death.
1732 Oct 21Sarnesfield. Robert Watkins, B.ARobert Price, arm., one of the justices of the King's Bench, and John Morgan, bart. Last incumbent.Death.
1766 Aug 15Sarnesfield. James Bull, M.A.University of Oxford. Robert Watkins. Death.
1842 Sep 26Sarnesfield. William Wenman, B.C.L.Thornhill Warrington, esq.Daniel Philips Powell.Resignation.
1846 Jun 8Sarnesfield. Joseph Dudley, B.A. Thomas Dudley of Kingswinford, esq. (for this turn only).William Wenman. Resignation.
1895 Jun 26Sarnesfield. Forster Lewis, M.A.Geo. Will. Marshall, esq.Joseph Dudley.Death.
1897 May 8Sarnesfield. Chas. Henry Stone, B.A.Geo. Will. Marshall. esq.Forster Lewis.Death.
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