Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Sep 16Shelve (Shelwe) chapel. Thos. de Sybaldescote.Ralph, Baron Stafford.  
1377 Oct 1Shelve. Adam Crok.Hugh, earl of Stafford.  
1419 Feb 18Shelvechapel (Schelwe). William Felyppes, chaplain.Johanna, queen of England. [4] Adam Croke.Resignation.
1520 Oct 6Shelve. Griffin ap Walter. The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo. Certo modo.
1527 Feb 16Shelve. Robert Deudoet.Sir John Lyngen, knt.Geoffrey Gwalter.Resignation.
1530 Oct 27Shelve. John Hynley.John Lyngen, arm. Certo modo.Vacated certo modo.
1549 Jan 23Shelve. William Edwards.John Lingen, of Sutton, arm.John Hynley.Death.
1560 Jun 27Shelve. John Mydleton.The bishop, hac vice, by lapse.  
1569 Apr 6Shelve. John Iston.The bishop, by lapse.  
1573 Apr 21Shelve. Rowland Perkes.The bishop, by lapse.  
1615 Mar 28Shelve. William Lea.Ed. Lingen, arm.  
1663 Sep 21Shelve. Philemon Hayes, B.A.Richard Moore, arm.   
1677 Oct 30Shelve. Daniel Ward, B.A.Richard Moor, arm.Philemon Hayes. Death.
1679 Jan 4Shelve. Benjamin Barkley, B.A.Richard Moor, arm.Daniel Wall.Cession.
1686 Feb 8Shelve. Thomas Rogers, M.A.Richard More, arm. Benj. Barkley.Cession.
1687 Mar 31Shelve. Nathaniel Jordan, M.A.Richard Moore, arm. John RogersCession.
1698 Dec 22Shelve. Elisha Fowler.Thomas More, gen.Nathaniel Jordan.Resignation.
1710 Oct 30Shelve. William Sneade, M.A.Richard More, arm.Elisha Fowler.Death.
1764 Sep 19Shelve. William Pugh, B.A.Robt. More, of Linley, esq.William Sneade.Death.
1775 Aug 3Shelve. Robert Taylor, M.A. Robert Moore, of Linley, esq.William Pugh.Death.
1833 Oct 10Shelve. Thos. Fredk. More, B.A.Robert Bridgman More, of Linley Hall, esq.Robert Taylor. Death.
1870 May 20Shelve. Edward Tomlinson, M.A.Robert Jasper More, of Linley Hall.Thomas Fredk. More.Death.
1881 Jun 17Shelve. Donald John Forbes McLeod, M.A.Robert Jasper More, esq.Edward Tomlinson.Death.
1897 Jun 8Shelve. Ridley Relton, M.A. Robert Jasper More. esq.Donald John Forbes MacLeod.Death.
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