Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1305 Mar 9Shrawardine. Hugh de Burlton, deacon.The Crown. [5]  
1352 Jul 19Shrawardine. William de Wolverton, chaplain.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1354 May 11Shrawardine. Richard de Warden.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1355 Dec 16Shrawardine. Hugh le Yonge, chaplain.Richard, earl of Arundel.Richard de Warden.Resignation.
1358 Aug 14Shrawardine. Adam de Ercham.Richard, earl of Arundel.John Sprock.Resignation.
1359 Oct 13Shrawardine. William de Drayton, chaplain.Richard, earl of Arundel.John Ercham.Resignation.
1386 Mar 21Shrawardine free chapel of S. Mary. Robert Pebelowe, clerk.Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey.Wm. Draytone.Death.
1388 May 22Shrawardine free chapel. Richard Cloppe.Richard, earl of Arundel.Robert Pobellowe.Resignation.
1408 Jul 21Shrawardine free chapel. Thomas Willmer.Thomas, earl of Arundel.Thomas Harlyng.Resignation.
1428 Feb 27Shrawardine chapel. John Homme.The Crown (earl of Arundel a minor).Thos. Wilnere.Death.
1465 Mar 21Shrawardine chapel. (Shirwardyne). William Dudley.William, earl of Arundel.John Homme.Resignation.
1487 Apr 17Shrawardine. John Esshyng, chapl.William, earl of Arundel.Wm. Dudley.Consecration as bishop of Durham.
1504 Dec 21Shrawardine, S. Mary's free chapel. Matthew David.Thomas, earl of Arundel. [3]John Phelippis, in leg. bac.Death.
1528 Sep 4Shrawardine (Cherathden). David ap Llewellyn Egerley.Ellis (Heliseus) David, hac. vice. [3]Matthew ap David.Death.
1566 Jul 2Shrawardine. John Corbet.The bishop, by lapse.  
1711 Mar 2Shrawardine. Edmund Jones, B.A. John Bromley, of Horseheath, in the county of Cambridge.Robert Adams. Death.
1747 Nov 28Shrawardine. Adam Newling, M.A. Henry, lord Montfort. Edmund James.Death.
1758 Mar 21Shrawardine. John Foster, M.A.Thomas, lord Montfort.Adam Newling.Death.
1775 Jan 30Shrawardine. Neville Maskelyne, B.D.Edward, lord Clive.John Forster, D.D.Death.
1782 Aug 21Shrawardine. Isaac Frowd, M.A.Edward, lord Clive.Neville Maskelyne, D.D.Cession.
1819 Apr 2Shrawardine. Isaac Frowd.Edward, earl of Powis Isaac Frowd. Cession.
1835 Feb 5Shrawardine. William Clive, M.A. Edward, earl of Powis. Isaac Frowd.Death.
1842 Jun 6Shrawardine. Geo. Arthur Clive, M.A.Edward Herbert, earl of Powis.William Clive.Resignation.
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