Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1773 Jan 28Sibdon.CJohn Lloyd, B.A.Edward Fleming, of Sibdon Castle.Robert Cooper.Deprivation.
1776 Dec 28Sibdon.CEdward Harries, M.A.As above.John Lloyd.Deprivation.
1783 Feb 8Sibdon.CWilliam Ellis, M.A. Frances Harries (as above).Edward Harries.Resignation.
1795 Jun 5Sibdon.CThomas Alban.Jas. Fleming Baxter, of Ludlow, gent.William Ellis.Death.
1812 Dec 7Sibdon.CFrancis Marston.Jas. Fleming Baxter, of Ludlow, gent.William Johnstone.Death.
1823 May 27Sibdon.CJames Edwd. Compson, B.A.Jas. Fleming Baxter, gent.Francis Marston.Death.
1834 Dec 23Sibdon.CThos. Jenner Hogg.James Baxter, of Ludlow, esq.John Yardley.Resignation.
1885 Dec 19Sibdon Carwood with Halford.CHen. Fleming Baxter, M.A.Robert, lord Windsor.William Eodson Lumb. Death.
1900 Mar 17Sibdon Carwood with Halford.CLionel Jenner Southwell, M.AHen. Fleming Baxter, clerk.Henry Fleming Baxter.Resignation.
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