St Devereux

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Jul 8St. Devereux (sancti Dubricii). Philip de Davyston.Roger de Acton, lord of Didley (Duddleye).John de Orleton.Death.
1352 Nov 24St. Devereux (sancti Dubricii). Thomas de Colne.Roger de Acton, lord of Didley.Philip de Davyston.Exchange.
1355 Apr 9St. Devereux. John de Yatton, rector of S. Mary, Montalt.Roger de Acton.Thomas de Colne, rector.Exchange.
1357 Sep 26St. Devereux. Gilbert de Hunderton, rector of Spetchley.Roger de Acton, lord of Didley (Duddeleye).John de Yatton, rector.Exchange.
1358 Sep 19St. Devereux. Gilbert de Hunderton. [3]Roger de Acton. Last rector. Resignation.
1368 May 19St. Devereux. John Wynd, chaplain. [4]Agnes, widow of Robt. Petyt.  
1488 Mar 13St. Devereux (Sancti Dubricii). Thos. Chipham, in artibus mag.Thos. May, armiger, Roger Acton, and William Bevild.  
1549 Dec 14St. Devereux. George Peerse.The king.Thomas Grene.Death.
1553 Jul 17St. Devereux. John Brayne.William Revell, lord of Didley.George Peerse.Death.
1574 Jun 5St. Devereux. John Watkins. [6]The bishop, by lapse.  
1577 Dec 10St. Devereux. William Underwood. Thomas Morgan, of Arkeston, arm.   
1667 Jan 16St. Devereux. Rich. Newborough.James Bridges, bart., and Jas. Phillippes.George Jones.Death.
1669 Aug 19St. Devereux. Robert Mason.Thomas Harris, arm. Richard Newborough. Resignation.
1679 Feb 25St. Devereux. Charles Savory.Thomas Savory, gen.Robert Mason. Resignation.
1729 Jan 18St. Devereux. Griffith Jones.John Pye, gen.William Russell.Death.
1733 May 19St. Devereux. Richard Russell, M.A.Anne Maria Russell, spinster.Griffith Jones.Death.
1771 Mar 21St. Devereux. Thomas Sandford, B.A.Sir Edw. Clive, and Gen. Clive, esq.Richard Russell.Death.
1791 Oct 18St. Devereux. John Williams.Judith Clive.Thomas Sandland. Death.
1830 Jun 10St. Devereux. William Arnold Walpole Kepple, B.A.Edwd. Bolton Clive, esq.John Williams.Death.
1837 Feb 17St. Devereux. David John George, M.A.Edwd. Bolton Clive, esq.William Arnold Walpole Keppell. Cession.
1880 Feb 9St. Devereux and Wormbridge. Thos. Hopkin Eyton. Chas. Meysey Bolton Clive, esq.David John George. Resignation.
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