St Margarets

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1871 Jul 12St. Margarets with Michaelchurch Eskley.VGeo. Augustus Ward Huddart, M.A.Lady Langdale, of Eywood, widow.Morgan Jones. Death.
1876 Oct 16St. Margarets with Michaelchurch Eskley.VJohn Will. Hanson.Elizabeth Rayson, of Nydd Hall, Co. York, spinster.George Augustus Ward Huddart. Resignation.
1878 Apr 8St. Margarets with Michaelchurch Eskley.VFrederick Trefusis Wybrow, B.A.Elizabeth Rawson, spinster.John Will. Hanson. Resignation.
1894 Nov 5St. Margaret's with Michaelchurch Eskley.VJohn Fred, Walwyn Trumper, B.A.Henry Randolph Trafford, esq.Fredk. Trefusis Wybrow. Death.
1896 Aug 1St. Margaret's with Michaelchurch Trumper.VJos. Charlesworth.Henry Randolph Trafford, esq.John Fredk. Walwyn Eskley.Cession.
1898 Sep 19St. Margaret's with Michaelchurch Eskley.VPhilip Smith Cook, B.A.Henry Randolph Trafford, esq.Joseph Charlesworth.Death.
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