Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1316 Aug 24Stanford-on-Teme. Roger de Wyre, priest.The bishop.  
1349 May 30Stanford. Thomas de Wassebourne, acolyte.Roger de Wassebourne.  
1349 Jul 16Stanford. John Arches.Roger de Wasshebourne.Thos. de Wasshebourne.Death.
1353 Jul 9Stanford. William do Edynghull, vicar of Wytton St. Peter, near Wych.Roger de Wasshebourn.John Arch, rector.Exchange.
1366 Jun 17Stanford on Teme (Temede).RJohn Roggeres.Katherine, lady of Stanford.William de Edynchulle.Exchange.
1398 Sep 26Stanford. Henry Woodward, chapl.Katherine Musard.  
1423 Aug 16Stanford. William Waller.Isolda Sawey.Henry Wymer.Resignation.
1429 Jan 21Stanford. John Orme.Thomas and Isolda Harwell.Wm. Waller.Death.
1433 Jun 22Stanford. Thomas Conslay, chapl.Thomas and Isolda Harewell.John Dryver.Deprivation.
1473 Jun 18Stanford. Richard Symkyns, chapl.Sir Humph. Sallewey, knt.Thos. Combey.Death.
1482 May 31Stanford-on-Teme (super Temde). Roger Edmunds, chapl.Humphrey Salwey, armiger.?Resignation.
1486 Jun 14Stanford on Teme (Tempde). Thos. Cartwright.Humphrey Salwey, armiger.Hugh Webbe, June 8.Resignation on June 8.
1504 Nov 27Stanford. Thomas Barne.Thomas Saleway, armiger, lord of Stanford.Thos. Wrighte.Death.
1506 Jun 12Stanford. Nicholas Vernon.Thos. Salwey, armiger.Thos. Baron.Death.
1527 Oct 8Stanford. Richard Smythe,Thomas Salwey, generosus.William Fowler. [2]Resignation.
1530 Mar 3Stanford. John Porter.Thomas Salwey, generosus.Richard Smythe.Resignation.
1536 Mar 24Stanford. Richard Hunte.Thos. Salwey, arm. John Porter.Death.
1673 Sep 26Stanford-super-Tame. Richard Taylor.Francis Winnington, miles. Arthur Salwey.Death.
1718 Oct 24Stanford-on-Teme. Thomas King, M.A. Salwey Winnington, armRichard Taylor.Death.
1771 Aug 31Stanford-on-Teme. George Butt, M.A.Sir Edw. Winnington, bart.Thomas King.Death.
1795 Nov 24Stanford-on-Teme. Joseph Ingram, D.D.Sir Edwd. Winnington, bart.George Butt.Death.
1807 Jan 13Stanford-on-Teme. Denham Jas. Joseph Cookes, M.A.Sir Thos. Edward Winnington, bart.Joseph Ingram, D.D.Death.
1822 Jul 18Stanford-on-Teme. Chas. Fox Winnington, B.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Edw. Winnington Ingram.Resignation.
1841 Aug 30Stanford-on-Teme. Hon. Hen. William Bertie, B.C.L.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Charles Fox Winnington.Death.
1844 Dec 26Stanford. Edwd. Winnington Ingram, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Hon. Hen. William Restie.Cession.
1891 Oct 14Stanford-on-Teme. Egerton Haslope Oldham, M.A.Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, bart.Edw. Winnington Ingram.Death.
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