Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1308 May 10Stow. David Porthlos, priest.Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1349 Jul 26Stowe. John de Stowe. Abbot and convent of Great Malvern.  
1411 Feb 25Stowe.VMatthew Sayr, chaplain.Prior and convent of Great Malvern.  
1422 Dec 3Stow.VJohn Watkynes.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.? Mather.Death.
1484 Apr 22S. Michael's, Stowe.VJohn ap Gwillym. [1]Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.Thos. Watkyns.Death.
1526 May 4Stowe.VJohn Willyam.Prior and conv. of Great Malvern.John Wylte.Death.
1562 Sep 16Stowe.VHugh Aprice.The queen.Late incumbent.Deprivation.
1563 Aug 26Stowe.VThomas Harley.(not mentioned).  
1664 Sep 8Stowe.VHugh Owen.The king.  
1675 Mar 8Stowe.VRobert Millward.The king.Hugh Owen.Death.
1700 Dec 13Stow.VRichard Harris.The king.  
1720 Jun 2Stowe.VWilliam James, M.A.The king.Richard Harris.Resignation.
1755 Jun 1Stow.VRichd. Smith, MAThe king.William James. Death.
1808 Oct 6Stow.VJohn Rogers, B.A.The king.Richard Smith. Death.
1810 Mar 19Stow.VJohn Rogers.The king.Last incumbent.Cession.
1842 Jan 4Stowe.VThomas Green, B.A. The queen.John Rogers. Death.
1866 Jul 16Stowe.VJohn Rogers, M.A.The queen.Thomas Green.Cession.
1878 Aug 2Stowe.VJohn James Peglar, M.A.Charles Coltman Rogers, esq.John Rogers.Resignation.
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