Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Mar 28Stretton. Philip the Welshman.The bishop.  
1300 Nov 18Stretton. Hamo de Sandwich, priest. Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1306 Dec 19Stretton. Nicholas de Aka, deacon.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1310 Sep 18Stretton. Stephen de Lugwardine, deacon.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1316 Feb 12Stretton. Roger de Kinlet, priest.Edmund, earl of Arundel.  
1321 Sep 26Stretton (by Wenlock). Ralph de Snelleston, priest.Edmund, earl of Arundel.  
1335 Apr 9Stretton. John de Wetenhill.   
1335 Jan 7Stretton.VWilliam Brom.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1347 Feb 3Stretton. Roger, rector of Bangor.Richard, Earl of Arundel.John de Wodenhull, rector.Exchange.
1358 Dec 7Stretton. Nicholas de Chaddesdon, Prof. of Civil Law, clerk.Richard, earl of Arundel.John Sprock. Resignation.
1379 Apr 8Stretton.VHenry Sambrok. Walter Dymmoc.Exchange.
1393 Mar 9Stretton. Walter Clifford, rector of Boyton, Sarum dioc.Earl of Arundel.William Baron, rector of Stretton.Exchange.
1402 Sep 28Stretton. Alan Thorpe.Thomas, earl of Arundel.  
1417 Dec 9Stretton. Thos. Oswaldestre, clerk.Feofees. [5]  
1423 Mar 11Stretton. John Cowper, chapl.John Talbot.Adam Osbarne.Resignation.
1439 Mar 16Stretton. John Dilewyn, chapl.Sir Richd. Delabere.  
1462 Oct 9Stretton.VThomas Hardewik, vicar of Longney, in the diocese of Worcester.Prior and convent of Monmouth.Matthew Leyghtone, vicar of Stretton.Exchange.
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