Stretton Grandison

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Nov 21Stretton Grandison with Ashperton Chapel. Martin de Chambery.The bishop.  
1350 Aug 1Stretton Grandison.VWm. de Dymmok.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1437 Jun 15Stretton and Ashperton. Matthew Leyghtone, chapl.Thomas Hokke.  
1487 Feb 14Stretton and Ashperton. Thomas ap Adam, chapl.Reginald Mathon, prior, and the conv. of S. Mary's, Monmouth.Thos. Hardewik.Death.
1527 Jul 27Stretton with chapel of Ashperton.VWilliam Homme.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Roger Homme. [6]Resignation.
1549 Jul 6Stretton-juxta-Fromey, with Ashperton. Thomas Lovell.William Lovell, of Munsley, and others.William Home. Resignation.
1566 Dec 21Stretton-super-Fromey (i.e. Stretton Grandison). Edward Cowper.Richard Harford, of Bosbury.   
1580 Sep 3Stretton (with the chapel of Ashperton). William Lee.The queen.   
1676 Oct 12Stretton Grandison (Gransham), with chapel of Ashperton. James Pool, M.A.Richard Pool.Henry Wright, D.D. Death.
1721 Apr 25Stretton Grandison.VJames Poole, M.A.Richd. Hopton, arm. James Poole.Death.
1744 Apr 6Stretton Grandison with Ashperton.VWilliam Cope Hopton, B.A.Ricbd. Hopton. esq.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1744 Oct 27Stretton Grandison with Ashperton. William Cope Hopton, M.A.Richard Hopton, esq. Last incumbent.Cession.
1790 Mar 20Stretton Grandison (Grensham).VWilliam Parsons, LL.B.Richard Cope Hopton, esq.William Cope Hopton. Resignation.
1801 Jun 20Stretton Grandison with chapel of Ashperton.VWilliam Parsons, LL.B.Richard Cope Hopton.Last incumbent.Cession.
1812 Jun 17Stretton Grandison.VJohn Parsons, M.A. Will Lloyd Baker and Joseph Riddle. [2]William Parsons.Death.
1841 Jul 15Stretton Grandison (Grensham).VJohn Greave, M.A. John Hopton, clerk.John Hopton. Resignation.
1859 Nov 11Stretton Grandison with Ashperton.VJohn Buckle, M.A.John Hopton, of Canon Frome, clerk.John Evans. Resignation.
1891 Oct 16Stretton Grandison with Ashperton.VChas. Ernest Hopton, M.A.Edw. Hopton, C.B., colonel, and Mich. Hopton, clerk.John Buckle.Resignation.
1898 Jun 18Stretton Grandison with Ashperton.VDonald Elphinstone Robertson.Sybil Maude Hopton, spinster.Charles Ernest Hopton. Cession.
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