Sutton St Nicholas

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Mar 11Sutton St. Nicholas. Martin de Pembroke, priest. [8]The bishop.  
1301 Apr 11Sutton St. Nicholas. Robert de Chandos.Dame Margaret Frene.  
1346 Aug 25Sutton St. Nicholas. Warin de Brockhampton, acolyte.Sir John le Frene.Robt. de Chaundos.Resignation.
1369 Sep 24Sutton S. Nicholas. Hugh de Bartone. Roger Criketot, Steph. Lugwardyn, and Sir John, rec. of Moccas.  
1430 Feb 22Sutton S. Nicholas. Roger Carewardyn, chapl.William Crictot.John Coburley.Death.
1456 Apr 11Sutton S. Nicholas. Walter ap Gwylym. Thomas Walwayne, armiger, of Lugwardine.Roger Carwardyne.Resignation.
1462 Jun 16Sutton St. Nicholas. Roger Bithewey.Fulk Wallewayne.Walter ap Gwillim.Death.
1533 Oct 29Sutton S. Nicholas. Christ. Walwen.Richard Walwen, armiger.Roger Yonge.Death.
1560 Nov 17Sutton St. Nicholas. Edward Cowper.Richd. Walwyn, mil.   
1569 Jan 13Sutton St. Nicholas. John Baddam.Richd. Walwyn and Katherine, his wife.  
1662 Feb 19Sutton St. Nicholas. John Watts, M.A.William Watts. Hac vice.   
1678 May 26Sutton St. Nicholas. Benjamin Pritchard, M.A.William Watts, sen., a canon residentiary of Hereford, hac vice.John Watts. Death.
1702 Jun 4Sutton St. Nicholas. Richd. Witherston, M.A.John Shepheard, arm., and Francisca, his wife.Benjamin Pritchard. Death.
1738 Nov 17Sutton St. Nicholas. James Rawlins, B.A. Edward Rawlins, gentRichard Witherston.Death.
1760 Nov 27Sutton St. Nicholas. William Collins, B.A.Walwyn Shepherd, of Dormington, esq.James Rawlings.Death.
1783 Feb 16Sutton St. Nicholas. Edmund Barry, LL.B.Mary Shepherd, of Hereford, widow.William Collins.Death.
1805 Jul 12Sutton St. Nicholas. Matthew Hill, B.A.Thomas Gibbons, [2] of Charterhouse School, a minor.Edmund Barry. Death.
1821 Feb 27Sutton St. Nicholas. Matthew Hill, B.A.Thos. Gibbons, esq.Matthew Hill.Cession.
1847 Feb 24Sutton St. Nicholas. George Henry Johnstone, B.AJohn Johnstone, of Mainstone, esq.Matthew Hill.Death.
1898 Mar 17Sutton St. Nicholas. Theodore Emmott, M.A.Himself.George Hen. Johnstone.Death.
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