Tedstone Delamere

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1289 Sep 24Tedstone Delamere. William de la Mare, subd.Sir Walter de Caple.  
1349 May 23Tedstone de la Mere. John de la More, clerk.Richd. de Baggynden.Sir Eustace.Death.
1350 May 15Tedstone Delamere. Llewellyn de Blakebache, acolyte.Richard de Baggyndon, lord of Wotton.  
1351 Sep 9Tedstone Delamere. Thomas de Hylycombe of Odycombe.Sir John de Wysham.Llewellyn Blakebache.Resignation.
1354 Dec 23Tedstone Delamere. Wm. de la More, chaplain.John de Wysham. Thos. de Oddicombe.Resignation.
1366 Jun 10Tedstone de la Mere. Hugh Hawkeleye, clerk.Sir John de Wysham, knt.Wm. de la More.Resignation.
1418 Dec 4Tedstone de la mare. Thos Myles. chap.John Aylesbury and Thos Myles, Jun , both of Bridgnorth.  
1424 Feb 18Tedestone Delamere. John Schahull. [1]Elizabeth Wisham.  
1435 Nov 14Tedstone Delamere. John Smyth, chapl.Elizabeth Wisham.John Schakill.Death.
1441 Dec 10Tedstone Delamere. William Yoppe, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1448 Feb 5Tedstone Delamere. John Chalener, chapl.Richard Wyseham.John Smyth.Resignation.
1461 Jun 18Tedstone Delamere. John Mote, rector of Upper Whitley.Richard Wisham, armiger.John Chaloner, rector of Tedstone Delamere.Exchange.
1469 Aug 29Tedstone Delamere (Tedstarne Delamare). John Shery.John Wisham.Thos. Mote.Deprivation.
1510 Dec 19Tedstone Delamere (Tedirstone). Thomas Mason.John Wisham.John Shery.Resignation.
1513 Apr 2Tedstone Delamere (Tedesterne de la mare). Thomas Walker. [2]John Wysham.Thos. Walker.Resignation of the same.
1513 Nov 8Tedstone Delamere. Thomas Walker.John Wischam.Thomas Walker.Resignation on Oct. 16.
1536 Feb 4Tedstone de la Mare. Robert Thurstone. Thomas Wyseham, generosus.Thos. Walker.Death.
1555 Apr 2Tedstone Delamere. Robert Barrette.Thom. Wisham, gen.   
1556 Sep 3Tedstone Delamere. George Longmare.Thom Wysham, gen.   
1573 Apr 4Tedstone Delamere. Henry Wellington.Gen. Wysham, gen.  
1671 Dec 22Tedstone Delamere. John Baker, M.A.Thomas Tyrer, of Elmeley Lovett, and Rd. Avenant, of Shelsley parva, arm.James Parry. Death.
1679 Feb 26Tedstone Delamere. Thomas Dolman, M.A.Robert Mason, gen.John Baker.Death.
1691 May 18Tedstone Delamere. George Hay, M.A.Robert Mason, gen.Thomas Dolman.Death.
1729 Apr 4Tedstone Delamere. John Hay, M.A.Eliza Hay, widow.George Hay.Death.
1739 Oct 23Tedstone Delamere. Richard Wilding, M.A.Annie Hay, spinster and minor (with consent of Charles Holland, esq., her guardian).John Hay. Death.
1744 Sep 6Tedstone Delamere.VJohn Holland, M.A.Anne Hay, a minor (with consent of Charles Holland, gent., her guardian).Last incumbent.Resignation.
1749 May 6Tedstone Delamere. John Landon, B.A. Anne Hayes, spinster. John Holland.Resignation.
1782 Nov 14Tedstone Delamere. Thomas Cox.Wakeman Long. of Upton-on-Severn, gent.John Landon. Death.
1790 Jun 9Tedstone Delamere. Packington George Tomkyns.Thomas Cox, clerk, and Barbara, his wife.Thos. Cox. Cession.
1805 May 4Tedstone Delamere. Luke Booker, LL.D. Richard Blakemore, of Monmouth.Packington George Tomkyns.Cession.
1812 Apr 25Tedstone Delamere. John Darcy, B.D.B.N.C., Oxford.Luke Booker.Cession.
1844 Dec 4Tedstone Delamere. Edward Hartopp Grove, M.A. Brazenose College, Oxford.John Davies. Death.
1854 Jun 28Tedstone Delamere. Isaac Gregory Smith, M.A.Brasenose College, Oxford.Edw. Hartopp Cradock.Resignation.
1873 Feb 21Tedstone Delamere. Fredk. Simcox Lea, M.A.Brasenose College, Oxford.Isaac Gregory Smith.Cession.
1894 Jan 26Tedstone Delamere. George William Sandford, M.A.Brasenose College, Oxford,Frederick Simcox Lea. Death.
1897 Nov 10Tedstone Delamere. Charles Williams.Brasenose College. Oxford. Geo. Will. Sandford.Resignation.
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