Tedstone Wafer

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1286 Jun 8Tedstone Wafer. Robert de la Donne, chapl. Sir Roger Mortimer.  
1304 Jun 16Tedstone. John de Credenhill, priest.The bishop.  
1305 Jan 19Tedstone Wafer. Bartholomew de Marden, priest.Roger Mortimer.  
1332 Jun 27Tedstone Wafer chapel. John Shireve. Barth. Shireve.Resignation.
1347 Apr 20Tedstone Wafer. Geoffrey Pakoe, of Burton Fleming.John de Mortuo mari.Sir John, last rector.Death.
1367 Jun 12Tedstone Wafer. Roger de la More, clerk.The bishop, by lapse.  
1396 Jan 4Tedstone Wafer chapel. John Castell, chapl.Roger de Mortimer.  
1476 May 26Tedstone Wafer. John Sebrome, vic. of S. Peter's, Hereford. [5]The bishop, hac vice.  
1508 Nov 16Tedstone Wafer. Nicholas Smythe.Charles Brandon, in right of his wife, Margaret.John Wever.Resignation.
1514 Apr 29Tedstone Wafer (Tedesterne Wafre). John Walcot.The bishop, by lapse. [2]Nick. Smythe.Resignation.
1556 Jul 6Tedstone Wafer. William Norton.Humfrey Conesby, arm.  
1562 Mar 18Tedstone Wafer. John Potter.John Huband and Anna, his wife, late wife of Humfrey Conesbey.  
1626 Jan 31Tedstone Wafer. Richard Jay.Will. Coningsby, arm.   
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