Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Sep 5Tenbury.VRoger de Tenbury.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1299 May 10Tennelebury. (i.e. Tenbury). John de la More.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1302 Sep 7Tenbury. Hugh de la Egge, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1303 Feb 6Tenbury. Thomas de Wytteneye, priest. (not mentioned).  
1349 Aug 21Tenbury.VJohn de Newent.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1349 Oct 10Tenbury (Temedebury).VJohn de Orleton, deacon.The king (Lyre abbey).  
1361 Nov 22Tenbury.VNich. de la Halle. [1]Brother Thos. Ozonles, proctor of abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1387 Feb 15Tenbury (Temedebury).VNich. Hulle, chaplain.The king (Lyre abbey).Nich. Hulle.Resignation.
1416 Jul 1Tenbury.VRoger Housmon.Prior and convent of St. John of Bethlehem at Sheen.John Lye.Resignation.
1447 Dec 27Tenbury.VJohn Greneway.Prior and conv. of Shene.Roger Horseman. [1]Resignation.
1468 Feb 19Tenbury (Temdbury).VHumphrey Hulot.Prior and conv. of Sheen.John Hoptone.Death.
1514 Jul 22Tenbury (Temdebury).VRichard Schutt.Prior and conv. of Jesus of Bethlehem at Sheen.Humph. Hewlett. [4]Resignation.
1555 Jun 27Tenbury.VRoland Gosnell, S.T.B.Humfrey Goldston and George Heyward, representing the late convent of Shene.  
1562 Jun 5Tenbury.VRowland Gosnell.Thomas Lucye, arm., and Jocosa, his wife.   
1565 Jun 11Tenbury.VWilliam Alcock.Thom, Lucye, arm., and Jocosa, his wife.   
1573 Mar 30Tenbury.VEd. Threlkeld, D.C.L.Thomas Lucy, mil., and Jocosa, his wife.   
1717 Feb 15Tenbury with chapel of Rochford.VHumphrey Butler, B.A.William Bradley, arm.Charles Savery. Death.
1719 Mar 17Tenbury with chapel of Rochford.VWilliam Read, M.A. William Bradley, gen.Humphrey Butler. Resignation.
1755 Mar 20Tenbury with Rochford.VThos. Rocke, M.A.Thomas Blackmore, esq.William Read. Death.
1762 Apr 14Tenbury.VFrancis William Read, M.A.Thomas Hill, esq.Thomas Rocke.Resignation.
1774 Sep 28Tenbury, with chapel of Rochford. Thomas Gwynn.Thomas Hill, Court of Hill, esq.Francis William Read.Death.
1778 Feb 5Tenbury with chapel of Rochford.VThomas Rocke, B.A. Lucy Hill, of Court of Hill, widow.Thomas Gwynn. Resignation.
1785 Feb 18Tenbury.VThos. Rocke, B.A.Lucy Hill, of Court of Hill, widow.Last incumbent.Cession.
1827 Apr 27Tenbury.VGeorge Hall, M.A.Himself.Thomas Rocke.Death.
1845 Dec 11Tenbury. John Morgan, M.A. Agnes and Jane Wilkinson, spinsters.George Hall.Death.
1849 Jan 27Tenbury.VJohn Churton, B.A. Agnes and Jane Wilkinson, spinsters.John Morgan.Death.
1856 Nov 21St. Michael's Tenbury.CSir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley bart., M.A., Mus. Doc.Himself.  
1860 Jun 6Tenbury.VThomas Ayscough Smith, M.A.Ayscough Smith, of Pickwell, Co. Leicester, esq.John Churton.Death.
1889 May 25St. Michael's, Tenbury.CJohn Hampton, M.A.Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, bart., and Will. Norris, gent.Sir Fredk. Arthur Gore Ouseley, bart.Death.
1892 Nov 7Tenbury.VHerbert Burgess Hunt, M.A.Emily Ann Williams, widow.Thos. Ayscough Ayscough.Cession.
1896 Feb 15Tenbury.VWilliam Nicholas Geo. Eliot, B.A.Emily Anne Williams, widow.Herbert Burges Hunt.Resignation.
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