Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1314 Aug 28Thornbury. John Normaund, priest.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1333 Mar 12Thornbury. Thomas le Shireve de Norton.Dame Margaret Mortimer.  
1340 Jun 23Thornbury. John de Bradfield, clerk.Robert de la Peche.  
1346 Jun 7Thornbury. Rogers Clerks of Acton.The king.  
1350 Apr 8Thornbury. John Coly of Collington.The bishop.  
1361 Feb 19Thornbury. John de Hulle. [3]Philippa, countess of March.  
1434 Apr 9Thornbury. Henry Rykalle, chapl.Duke of York.  
1454 Oct 29Thornbury. Hugh Byspham.Duke of York, earl of Ulster, lord of Wigmore and Clare.  
1458 Apr 27Thornbury. Wm. Hethe, chapl.Richard, duke of York.Hugh Cariour.Death.
1509 Feb 29Thornbury. Ralph Hurleton.The king, in right of his March.Geo. Harper.Death.
1578 Oct 6Thornbury. Humphrey Eaton.Thomas Baskerville, of Nethwood, arm.   
1662 Nov 7Thornbury. George ffinchett.Beatrice. countess of Oxford.  
1672 Apr 4Thornbury. Thomas Evans.Ed. Pitts, arm.George Finche. Death.
1697 Jul 27Thornbury. John Stanley, B.A. Samuel Pitts, arm.Thomas Evans. Death.
1708 Mar 27Thornbury. Thomas Burnham, M.A.Samuel Pyttes, arm.John Stanley.Death.
1760 Dec 31Thornbury. William Hudson.Edmund Pytts, esq. Thomas Burnam.Death.
1789 Dec 21Thornbury. Henry Ingles, M.A. Jonathan Pytts, of Kyre, esq.William Hudson.Death.
1843 Aug 9Thornbury. John Williams.Will. Lacon Childe, esq.John Gibbons.Death.
1885 Aug 13Thornbury. Thos Patsey Maskew, M.A.Edw. Geo. Baldwyn Childe, clerk.John Williams.Death.
1893 Apr 5Thornbury. John Todd Atkinson, M.A.Edw. Geo. Baldwyn Childe, clerk.Thomas Ratsey Maskew.Death.
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