Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Mar 28Tibberton. B. de Cummerwell, priest.Prince Edward.  
1305 Jul 24Tibberton. Thomas de Boterwick, subd. Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1306 Jul 7Tibberton. Richard de Cirencester, subd. Henry de Lancaster.  
1308 Jul 20Tibberton. Walter de Maidstone.Sir Henry de Lancaster.  
1314 Apr 19Tibberton. Walter de la Boye, subd.Henry de Lancaster.  
1330 Feb 11Tibberton. John Jole.Henry, earl of Lancaster.  
1349 Jul 2Tibberton. Robert de Cressewall.Henry, earl of Lancaster, seneschal of England.  
1431 Aug 4Tiberton. Robert Boure,Archbp. of Canterbury and others, representing the duchy of Lancaster.Richard Bradford.Resignation.
1444 Apr 7Tiberton. John Frank, chapl.Ralph Botiller and others. [1]  
1463 Oct 3Tibberton (Forest deanery). John Travays, subdeacon.Ralph, lord de Sudeley, and John, lord de Beauchamp.Robert Marnare.Death.
1471 Nov 9Tibberton. John AylondThe king, as duke of Lancaster.John Traveys.Death.
1524 Dec 20Tibberton. John Horne.The king.John Eylond.Death.
1532 Jul 17Tyberton. John Mayo.The king, as duke of Lancaster.John Horne. [6]Resignation.
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