Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1347 Dec 31Titley. Arnold de Scopulo, a monk of Tiron.James Pasquerii, prior of Hamble, proctor of Tiron abbey.  
1759 Jul 18Titley.CJoseph Guest, M.A. Edward, earl of Oxford.Joseph Guest.Death.
1805 Jun 29Titley.CJames Scott, LL.B.The bishop.Joseph Guest.Death.
1811 Apr 14Titley.CFrederick Beadon, M.A.Winchester College.James Scott.Cession.
1876 Jun 2Titley.VWill. Cotton Risley, M.A.Charles Williams Greenly, esq.Frederick Beadon.Resignation.
1877 Jul 21Titley.VGeo. Francis Coke, B.A.Trustees. [1]William Cotton Risley.Resignation.
1885 Aug 19Titley.VJames Armstrong Alexander, M.A.Trustees.George Francis Coke.Death.
1892 Mar 3Titley.VAlfred Havergal Shaw, M.A.Trustees,Jas Armstrong Alexander.Resignation.
1895 Oct 16Titley.VHen. Hunter Phelps, M.A.Trustees.Alfred Havergal Shaw.Cession.
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