Treasurership in the Cathedral Church

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Apr 22Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PLuke de Bree.The bishop.William le Rus.Death.
1293 Mar 21Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PJohn de Swinfield, archdeacon of Salop.The bishop.  
1294 Sep 21Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRoger de Sevenake.The bishop.  
1300 Jan 15Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRoger de Canterbury, archd. of Salop.The bishop.Roger de Sevenake.Death.
1303 Jun 1Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PWilliam de la Gaye.The bishop.Roger of Canterbury.Death.
1304 Mar 24Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PNicholas de Reigate.The bishop.William de la Gare.Death.
1308 Apr 6Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PJohn de Kempsey.The bishop. Nicholas de Reigate.Death.
1329 Oct 24Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PJohn de Ew, official The bishop.  
1333 Dec 22Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PHenry de Shiptone.The bishop.John de la Chaumbre.Resignation.
1333 Mar 17Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PThomas de Boley.The bishop.   
1348 Dec 11Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PJohn Boter, rector of Staundon. Richard de Sydenhale.Exchange.
1367 Nov 27Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRoger Mey. John Boter.Exchange.
1368 Jun 29Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRobert Upcote. Roger Mey.Exchange.
1377 Mar 21Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRobert Jones. Robt. Upcote, for Leach, Worc.Exchange.
1397 Mar 30Treasurership in the Cathedral church.PNicholas Hereford.The bishop.  
1434 Jun 26Treasurership in the Cathedral church.PWm. Middelham.The bishop.Richard Roderham.Resignation.
1443 Nov 18Treasurership in the Cathedral church.PRichard Rudhale.The bishop.Thomas Wassayle.Resignation.
1446 Aug 4Treasurership in Cathedral.PJohn Assheby, canon.The bishop.Richard Rudhale.Resignation.
1460 Jul 6Treasurership of the cathedral. Master Rd. Pede, doc. decretorum.The bishop. [2]John Assheby.Resignation.
1462 Mar 19Treasurership of cathedral. Master Robert Geffrey.The bishop.John ap Richarde.Death.
1464 Aug 22The treasurership or office of sacristan. Master John Arundel.The bishop.Robert Geffrey. [4]Resignation.
1477 Oct 27Office of sacristan or treasurer in the cathedral. Adrian de Bardis, clerk.The bishop.Simon Massingham, alias Stalworth.Resignation.
1486 Dec 14Office of treasurer or sacristan of cathedral. Robert Scherborne, in artibus mag.The bishop.Adrian de Bardis.Resignation.
1511 Jul 22Treasurership or office of sacristan of cathedral.PRichard Judde, in dec. bac.The bishop.John Waredraper.Resignation.
1512 Jul 1Treasurership of the cathedral.PEdm. Frowcetur, sacr. pag. prof.The bishop.Rich. Judde.Death.
1513 Feb 22Treasurership of cathedral.PWilliam Goberd, rector of Ross.The bishop.Edm. Froucetur.Cession.
1516 Apr 13Treasurership of cathedral.PHugh Pole, arc. mag.The bishop.Henry Martyn.Resignation.
1519 Jan 5Treasurership of the cathedral.PWilliam Burghill, dec. doc.The bishop.Hugh Pole. [5]Resignation.
1527 May 10Treasurership of the cathedral with S. Ethelbert's hosp. Nicholas Walwen. The bishop.Roger Brayne. Death.
1667 Sep 19Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PHenry Philley, M.A. The bishop.   
1668 Nov 29Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PThomas Wootton.The bishop.   
1711 Sep 4Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PThomas Gwillim, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Wotton, B.D.Death.
1726 Sep 1Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PWilliam Egerton, D.C.L.The bishop.Thomas Gwillim. Death.
1731 Jul 27Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PSamuel Croxall, D.D.The bishop.William Egerton.Resignation.
1732 Jul 3Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PWilliam Lane, M.A. The bishop.Samuel Croxhall. Resignation.
1746 Jan 30Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRodney Croxall, M.A.The bishop.William Lane. Resignation.
1754 Jun 19Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PWilliam Willim, M.A.The bishop.Rodney Croxall. Death.
1760 Apr 23Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PWilliam Parker, D.D.The bishop.William Willim. Resignation.
1802 Jul 26Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PRichard Walond, M.A.The bishop.William Parker. Death.
1831 Dec 15Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PFrederick Benjamin Twistleton, B.A.The bishop.Richard Walond. Death.
1892 Nov 19Treasurership in the Cathedral Church.PSidney Lidderdale Smith, B.A.The bishop.Lord Saye and Sele.Death.
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