Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Apr 19Ullingswick. Richard de Kimberley.The bishop.John de Kemsey.Resigned.
1280 Apr 19Ullingswick. Richard de Kimberley.   
1347 Jan 25Ullingswick. Philip de Ullingwyk, late rector of Knightwick. Philip Drym.Exchange.
1404 Dec 8Ullingswick. Wm. Benet, clerk of the King's closet.The bishop.Sir Roger.Death.
1457 May 23Ullingswick. John Glovere.The bishop.Hugh Boore.Resignation.
1509 Aug 13Ullingswick. John Viall, vicar choral of cath.The bishop.John Woodroffe.Resignation.
1515 Oct 10Ullyngswick. Robert Asplynne, rector of Colwall.The bishop.John Vyall, rector of Ullyngswick, a canon residentiary of the cathedral.Exchange.
1515 Dec 31Ullingswick. John Bale.The bishop.Robt. Asplyn.Resignation.
1550 Mar 4Ullingswick. Richard Skyppe.The bishop.John Beale Death.
1566 May 8Ullingswick.VJames Dew.Richd. Harford, rac. adv. sibi con. per rev. patrem, etc.   
1576 Aug 7Ullingswick. James Drewe.The bishop.Charles Nicholas. Resignation.
1675 Jun 8Ullingswick. Henry Allen.The bishop.William Allen. Resignation.
1688 Dec 14Ullingswick. Charles Manfield, M.A.The bishop.Henry Allen.Death.
1732 May 15Ullingswick. William Lane, M.A. The bishop.Charles Manfield.Death.
1739 Oct 4Ullingswick. Thos. Talbot, M.A.The bishop.William Lane. Resignation.
1789 Feb 27Ullingswick. George Finch, M.A. The king.Thomas Talbot, D.D.Death.
1854 Dec 12Ullingswick and Little Cowarne. John Middleton Ware, B.C.L.Bishop of Worcester.William Cooke. Death.
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