Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1366 Jan 18Vowchurch and Puttesdon.PHenry de Shyptone. Giles de Stanford.Exchange.
1560 Jul 22Vowchurch.VEdward Vaghan.The bishop, hac vice.   
1661 Jan 15Vowchurch.VThomas Bowker.The prebendary of Putson major.  
1672 Mar 4Vowchurch.VWilliam Caldicott, B.A.Lawrence Seddon, clericus.Thomas Bowker.Death.
1678 Feb 8Vowchurch.VJohn Wotton.Thom. Wotton, B.D., preb. of Putson major.William Caldicott. Resignation.
1683 Nov 2Vowchurch.VWilliam Williams.Thos. Wotton, D.D., preb. of Putson major.John Wotton. Death.
1685 Jul 30Vowchurch.VEdward Jones, B.A. Thom.Wotton, preb. of Putson major.William Williams.Death.
1690 May 26Vowchurch.VJohn ChelmickThom.Wotton, B.D., preb. of Putson major.Edw. Jones. Deprivation.
1704 Nov 8Vowchurch.VWilliam Seward.Thomas Wotton, preb. of Putson major.John Chelmick. Death.
1729 Aug 24Vowchurch.VRobert Lloyd, M.A. William Lloyd, prebendary of Putson major.William Seward. Cession.
1750 Dec 7Vowchurch.VThomas Williams, B.A.Humphrey Wishaw, M.A., in virtue of his prebend of Putson major.Robert Lloyd. Resignation.
1785 Jan 24Vowchurch.VJames Bullock, B.A. Richd. Evans, M.A., in right of his preb. of Putson major. Thomas Williams. Death.
1814 Jun 9Vowchurch.VWilliam Evans.Rich. Davies Evans, in right of his preb. of Putson major.James Bullock.Death.
1831 Dec 3Vowchurch.VHarry Lee, B.A.Himself.William Evans. Cession.
1836 Mar 15Vowchurch.VBeresford Lowther, B.A.Harry Lee, prebendary of Putson major.Harvey Lee. Cession.
1874 Oct 5Vowchurch.VCharles Longfield, B.A.Harry Lea as preb. of Putson major.Beresford Lowther.Resignation.
1885 Sep 12Vowchurch.VJames Oliver Bevan, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Charles Longfield.Cession.
1895 Apr 30Vowchurch.VSkefiington Hume Dodgson, M.A.Bishop of Worcester. James Oliver Bevan.Resignation.
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