Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1291 Dec 20Wellington. Roger de Wolvinehope (Woolhope), deacon.The bishop.  
1303 May 17Wellington.PRoger of Canterbury.The bishop.John de Ponte.Death.
1303 Jun 1Wellington.PNicholas de Reigate, deacon. The bishop.Roger of Canterbury.Death.
1319 Jan 9Wellington. Hugh de Brut, priest.John de Coston, prebendary of Wellington.  
1320 Mar 1Wellington.PWilliam de Ayermin. The bishop.  
1326 Nov 16Wellington.PRoger de Breinton. [7] The bishop.  
1327 Sep 26Wellington.PJohn de Trilleck, acolyte. Papal reservation. [8]John Talbot.Resignation.
1336 Jul 14Wellington.VWalter Guymond.Lawrence de la Barre.  
1336 Sep 25Wellington.PLewis de Charlton. The bishop.  
1361 Dec 9Wellington.VWilliam Lank, chaplain.   
1402 Sep 14Wellington. William Grove.Precentor of cathedral.  
1404 Dec 19Wellington.VRobert Walkere, chaplain.Walter Ramesbury, prebendary of Wellington.  
1406 Oct 16Wellington.VWm. Knot, chaplain.Master Walter Ramesbury, canon and preb. of Wellington.  
1406 Nov 17Wellington.PHenry Myle, chaplain. [3]The bishop.Master Walter Ramesbury.Death.
1420 Apr 21Wellington.PMaster Walter London, Bach. in Law.The bishop.Henry Myle.Death.
1420 Sep 20Wellington.PJohn Baysham.The bishop.Walter Londone.Resignation.
1434 Jun 13Wellington.PRichard Martyn, cleric.The bishop.  
1442 Feb 27Wellington.PThomas Lewesham, canon and prebendary of Exeter.The bishop.Richard Marton, canon and prebendary of Wellington.Exchange.
1443 Aug 20Wellington.VWilliam Rawlyns, chapl.Thos Leuesham, preb. of Wellington.  
1454 Oct 7Wellington.PWalter Peitewyn, canon and prebendary of Farryng in Chichester Cathedral.The bishop.Master James Goldwelle, canon and prebendary of Wellington in Hereford Cathedral.Exchange.
1461 Nov 20Wellington.PJames Goldwelle, doc. of decrees.The bishop.Thomas Lewesham.Resignation.
1466 Sep 33Wellington.VJohn Danyel, vicar of Eardisley.Walter Petwynne, preb. of Wellington.Master Wm. Rawlyns.Resignation.
1468 Jul 20Wellington.PThomas Downe, prebendary of the penitenciary, or bishop's vicar.The bishop.Walter Petwynne, prebendary of Wellington.Exchange.
1479 Sep 17Wellington.VWilliam Stevens, chapl.Thos. Downe, preb. of Wellington.John Danyell.Death.
1480 Mar 27Wellington.VJohn Burghope.Thos. Downes, preb. of Wellington.William Stephyns.Resignation.
1508 Oct 7Wellington.PWm. Webbe, archd. of Shrophire.The bishop.Robt. Castellensis.Death.
1512 Jun 12Wellington.PMaster Hy. Martin.The bishop.Master Wm. Webbe.Resignation.
1512 Oct 15Wellington.PMaster ? Blythe, archd. of Coventry. [4]The bishop.Hy. Martyn.Cession.
1513 Jun 19Wellington.VRichard Baker.John Blythe, preb. of Wellington. [3]Richd. Pope.Resignation.
1532 Jan 20Wellington.VJohn Smythe.John Blythe, canon and prebendary of Wellington.Richard Baker.Death.
1568 Oct 19Wellington.PHenry Tanner, B.C.L.The bishop.  
1625 Mar 25Wellington.VRichd. Todd, M.A.Robert Robotham, preb. of Wellington.  
1679 Dec 10Wellington.VDavid Davies.Preb. of Wellington.John Chapman.Resignation.
1689 Oct 8Wellington.VAmbrose Sparry, M.A.George Benson, preb. of Wellington.David Davis. Death.
1691 Jul 14Wellington.VEdward Broad.Geo. Benson, D.D., preb. of Wellington.Ambrose Sparry. Cession.
1692 Aug 31Wellington.PJohn Page, M.A.The bishop.George Benson, D.D.Death.
1704 Nov 3Wellington.VAndrew Jones, B.A. John Page, D.D., preb. of Wellington.Edward Broade. Death.
1723 Jun 3Wellington.PThomas Wishaw, M.A.The bishop.Last prebendary.Death.
1732 Apr 15Wellington.VHumphrey Wishaw, B.A.Thos. Wishaw, preb of Wellington.Last incumbent.Death.
1735 Aug 25Wellington.VThomas Palmer, M.A.Thos. Wishaw, preb of Wellington.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1753 Oct 25Wellington.PWalwyn Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Wishaw.Resignation.
1769 Sep 28Wellington.VThomas Watkins, M.A.Walwyn Morgan, M.A., preb. of Wellington, in right of his prebend.Thomas Palmer. Death.
1775 Nov 17Wellington.VThomas Watkins, M.A.Walwyn Morgan, M.A., in virtue of his prebend of Wellington.Last incumbent.Cession.
1776 Jun 22Wellington.VJohn Parry, B.A.Walwyn Morgan, M.A., in right of his prebend of Wellington.Thomas Watkins. Resignation.
1778 Feb 28Wellington.VHugh Morgan, M.A. Walwyn Morgan, M.A., in right of his prebend of Wellington.John Parry. Death.
1779 Aug 20Wellington.VThomas Allen, M.A.Walwyn Morgan, in right of his prebend of Wellington.Hugh Morgan. Resignation.
1780 Jul 15Wellington.PRichd. Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Walwyn Morgan.Death.
1783 Jun 10Wellington.VJohn Weddell Parsons, B.A.Richd. Underwood, in right of his prebend of Wellington.Thos. Allen. Cession.
1801 Feb 16Wellington.PThomas Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Richard Underwood. Resignation.
1825 Jan 27Wellington.VFrancis Hungerford Bickenden, B.D.Thomas Underwood, in right of his preb. of Wellington.John Weddall Parson.Death.
1826 Feb 6Wellington.VThomas Underwood, M.A.Thomas Underwood, in right of his preb. of Wellington.Francis Hungerford Brickenden.Resignation.
1838 Nov 20Wellington.VThomas Shepherd, B.A.Thomas Underwood, Sen., in right of his preb. of Wellington. Thomas Underwood, jun. Cession.
1842 Jan 11Wellington.PWatson Joseph Thornton, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Underwood.Death.
1855 Nov 6Wellington.PJohn Hamner Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Watson Joseph Thornton.Death.
1857 Mar 30Wellington.PWilliam Francis Raymond, M.A.The bishop.John Hanmer Underwood.Death.
1884 May 2Wellington.VGeo. Waller Voysey, B.A.Bishop of Worcester. Thomas Shepperd.Death.
1889 Oct 4Wellington.PGeo. Herb. Whitaker, M.A.The bishop.William Francis Raymond Penoyre.Death.
1892 Jan 11Wellington.PWilliam Jellicorse, M.A.The bishop.George Herb.Whitaker.Resignation.
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