Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jun 19Weobley. Philip de Wonyton, chapl.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1309 Jan 13Weobley. John Lucas.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1313 Feb 9Weobley. William de la Wood, priest.The bishop. [9]  
1345 Apr 20Weobley.VNicholas de Hopton juxta Stafford, rector of Ercall (Ercalwe).  Richard de Tunyburght, sub-deacon.Exchange.
1349 Sep 11Weobley.VRoger Bruggewhruth.Abbot and convent of Llanthony in Wales.  
1396 Nov 4Weobley.VJohn ap Jor.Prior and convent of Llanthony.  
1421 Jan 24Weobley.VJohn ap Eynon, chaplain.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.Walter Draytone.Resignation.
1439 Nov 7Weobley. John Byrne, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.  
1446 Oct 31Weobley.VJohn Clerk.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.John ap Gruffits, alias Payne.Resignation.
1463 Oct 19Weobley.VThomas Gough.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.Philip Percevale.Resignation.
1473 Jul 17Weobley.VJohn ap Richard, sacerdos.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.Master Lewys Jonys.Resignation.
1481 Apr 23Weobley. David Clone, in utr. jur. bac.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.  
1492 Jun 25Weobley.VMaurice David, in art. bac.Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.Robert Vobis, in dec. bac.Resignation.
1536 May 2Weobley. William Duppa.John Byryton, generosus, by the grant of the prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.John Battye.Resignation.
1562 Feb 14Weobley.VLancelot Kenersley.The queen.  
1682 Jun 29Weobley.VSamuel Clerke.The bishop.   
1690 May 26Weobley.VStephen Lewis, B.A. The bishop.Samuel Clarke. Death.
1704 Dec 10Weobley.VMorgan Evans.The bishop.Stephen Lewis. Cession.
1737 Jun 17Weobley.VJoseph Guest, M.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1759 Jul 7Weobley.VThomas Evans, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Guest.Death.
1760 Jul 31Weobley.VMorgan Price, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Evans.Cession.
1781 Dec 3Weobley.VMorgan Price, M.A. The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1782 Sep 26Weobley.VWilliam Bridge, B.A.The bishop.Morgan Price. Death.
1783 Jul 15Weobley.VWilliam Bridge, B.A.The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1790 May 4Weobley.VJohn Ellis Troughton, B.A.The bishop.William Bridge.Death.
1869 Feb 27Weobley.VHen. Bloxam Purton, B.A.The bishop.John Birch Peploe. Death.
1877 Mar 2Weobley.VJas. Sutcliffe Crook, M.A.Bishop of Worcester. Henry Bloxam Purton.Cession.
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