Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1288 Apr 24Westbury.PJohn de Lulham, priest.William de Hodenet.Henry Corbet.Vacated.
1289 Sep 24Westbury in the Forest. William de Kingscote, chancellor of Oxford.Sir Nicholas de Bath.  
1299 Sep 5Westbury.VRobert de Aure, priest.William de Kingscote, rector.  
1304 Jun 8Westbury by Caus.PHenry fitz-Lawrence.William de Ludlow.  
1308 Jul 19Westbury.PRichard de Ludlow.The bishop.Nicholas de Reigate.Death.
1308 Oct 10Westbury.PJohn de Mederbs.Sir William de Ludlow.Richard de Ludlow.Vacated.
1310 Apr 26Westbury. John Talbot.Sir Nicholas de Bath.  
1310 May 10Sacristy of Westbury. William of Castle Holdgate, priest.Sir William de Ludlow.  
1313 Feb 11Westbury. William Talbot, subd.Nicholas de Bath. [1]  
1334 May 26Westbury.VHenry de Fownhope.Wm. de Fownhope.  
1334 Dec 19Westbury.VWilliam de Styntescombe.William de Fownhope.  
1335 Mar 16Sacristy of Westbury. Reginald de Wynton, clerk.Matilda de Hodynet.  
1336 Dec 20Westbury.VWm. de Styntescombe.William de Fownhope.  
1336 Mar 13Sacristy of Westbury. Reginald de Wynton, deacon.Matilda de Hodynet.  
1341 Feb 17Westbury.VPhilip de Landow.William de Fownhope.  
1348 Mar 30Sir Dobyn's portion in Westbury church.PHenry de Tatton, clerk.The king. [2]  
1349 Apr 30Westbury.VWilliam de Farndon.Wm. de Fowehope, rector of Westbury.Richd. de Ketford.Death.
1349 Jan 22Westbury in the Forest.VRichard de Ketford.William de Fowehope, rector of Westbury.Philip Landow.Death.
1349 Mar 19Westbury church.PHenry de Westbury. [5]   
1354 Dec 18Westbury.VWm. de Blekiston. Wm. de Fowehope, rector. Exchange.
1354 Dec 18Westbury.VWilliam de Blechisdon, rector of Leckhampton. William de Farendon, vicar.Exchange.
1355 Feb 16Westbury in the Forest.RJohn de Bishopstow, clerk. [1]The bishop, for this turn.Wm. de Fowehope.Death.
1363 Sep 21Westbury.VJohn Wodewarde.   
1366 Jan 18Westbury sub Cause.PGiles de Stanford.Sir John de Ludlow.Henry de Shyptone.Exchange.
1368 Jun 29Westbury in the Forest.VHenry Rys.Sir J. de Bysshopestone.John Wodeward.Exchange.
1369 Sep 4Westbury.PWilliam Wolvertone.Sir John Lodelowe, knt.Giles Stanford. 
1377 Sep 3Westbury in the Forest.VThos. Byllyng.John de Bisshopestone, rector of Westbury.  
1384 Aug 18Westbury.PThomas de Burwey (also Botwey), rector of Alrewas (Alrewych). Philip Jenkyn (also Genekyn), porcioner.Exchange.
1386 Jun 10Westbury.PWilliam Underwode (also Honderwode), rector of Scheile.Robert de Lodelowe.Thomas de Burweye, co-porcioner.Exchange.
1387 Aug 12Westbury by Longhope. Thos. Thurgrim, chaplain.Wm. Knyth, John Erle, and Edmund de la Felde.  
1387 Mar 11Westbury.PMaster John Taillour, bach. in theology.John de Lodelowe.  
1396 Sep 15Westbury.VNicholas Boteler, chapl.Rector of Westbury.  
1404 Apr 16Westbury. William Holte.Thos. Thurgrym.  
1407 Jun 21Westbury.VRichard Wodeford.Thomas Thourgreym, rector of Westbury.  
1407 Jan 11Westbury.RJohn Saundres, chaplain.Warden and vicars of the college of vicars choral of the cathedral.Thos. Thurgrym.Death.
1408 Jun 19Westbury in the Forest. Hugh Harper.Richard Delamare and Isabella Bowlas, alias Eylesford, his wife. [4]  
1417 Apr 24Westbury. William Potter, vicar of Monkland.Isabella, relict of Fulk, lord of Pembridge.John Chyrch, rector of the collegiate church of Westbury.Exchange.
1430 Dec 4Westbury.PJohn Bennington, chapl.John Saunders.Richard Wodford.Resignation.
1430 Jan 23Westbury.PJohn Wodyrtone, chapl.Nich. Burley.  
1441 Sep 1Westbury.PJohn Smyth, chapl.Isabella Penbrugge.William Potter. Resignation.
1442 Oct 24Westbury.VThos. Pony, chapl. [3]Vicars choral of Hereford.John Benyngton.Resignation.
1446 Aug 4Westbury.PRobert Cayrus, chapl.Isabella Penbrugge.John Smyth.Resignation.
1447 Sep 6Westbury.VWilliam Walker, vicar of Hillingdon, in the diocese of London. [1]The college of vicars choral, Hereford.Thomas Peny, vicar of Westbury.Exchange.
1454 Aug 15Westbury.VWalter Llewellyn.Warden and college of vicars choral, Hereford.William Walkere.Death.
1464 Feb 17Westbury (Wessebury) in the Forest.VJohn Dyny, chapl.Warden and college of vicars choral of cathedral.Walter Llewellyn.Resignation.
1473 Aug 30Westbury (vic).VNicholas Rewys, in decretis bac.The vicars choral of the cathedral.John Dyvy.Resignation.
1487 May 20Westbury.VWilliam Berkeley, abbot of Flaxley, rector of Rodmarton.Warden and college of vicars choral of the cathedral.Master Nicholas [1] Rawys, vicar of Westbury.Exchange.
1491 Feb 12Westbury in Salop. Thomas Adirley.The grantees of Sir Richard Ludlowe, knt., and John, his son and heir. [3]Walter Wodyrton.Resignation.
1492 Nov 26Westbury.VThomas Smyth.Warden and college of vicars choral.  
1505 Nov 13Westbury. Lewis ap Howell.Thomas Vernam and Anne, his wife; Humphrey Vernam and Alice, his wife.Robt. Overton.Death.
1514 Dec 15Westbury.RJohn Kinnastone.Thomas and Humph. Vernon, armigeri.James Pysar.Death.
1530 Dec 2Westbury. John Kynastone.Thomas Vernon, arm , jure ux., Anne, hac. vice. [9]John Kynastone. [10]Death. [10]
1537 Sep 14Westbury.VRichard Sheryff.Richard Brayne, generosus. [6]William Baysse.Resignation.
1537 Jan 28Westbury. John Corbett.Humphrey Vernon, arm., by the consent of George, his son and heir.Lewis ap Hoell.Death.
1569 Feb 13Westbury. John Pryce, B.C.L. Henry Vernon, of Stokesay, and John Vernon, of Hodnett.  
1575 Sep 21Westbury. John Iston.Henry Vernon, arm.John Price.Death.
1576 May 24Westbury. Rowland Barker.John Vernon, of Hodnet, arm.  
1622 Dec 11Westbury. Thomas Swetnam.    
1681 Aug 1Westbury. John Price, M.A.Anna Sprott, widow.Ambros Phillips.Death.
1691 May 15Westbury. Jonathan Edwards.Edward Owen, arm.Cornelius Evans.Death.
1705 May 17Westbury. William Daker, M.A.Roger Owen, arm.Jonathan Edwards.Death.
1719 Apr 20Westbury. Thomas Bennett, M. A.Edward Owen, arm.William Daker.Death.
1722 Aug 10Westbury. Thomas Lister, B.A. Edward Owen, arm.Last incumbent.Death.
1734 May 7Westbury. Humphrey Gwyn, B.A.[1]Thomas Bennett.Death.
1737 Dec 7Westbury. William Sandford, M.A.Trafford Barnston, esq. (as above).Last portionist.Cession.
1755 Apr 25Westbury. John Eyton, M.A.Humphrey Bowles, esq.William Sandford, D.D.Death.
1772 May 8Westbury. Charles Newling, M.A.Nicholas Smythe, of Condover, esq., and Anna Maria, his wife. [3]Thomas Lyster. Death.
1781 Dec 12Westbury. John Smythe.Nich. Owen Smythe, [1] of Condover, esq.John Eyton.Death.
1782 Aug 29Westbury. John Smythe.Nich. Owen Smythe, of Condover. [1]Last incumbent.Resignation.
1787 Aug 27Westbury. William Calcott, B.A.Nich. Owen Smythe, [1] of Condover, a minor.Charles Newling.Death.
1788 May 5Westbury. John Smythe.Nich. Owen Smythe, a minor (as above).William Corbett.Resignation.
1797 Sep 29Westbury. John Pyefinch, M.A.Nich. Owen Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.John Smythe. Death.
1800 Mar 27Westbury. Lawrence Panting, M.A.Nich. Owen Smythe Owen, of Condover Park. esq.Osborne Wight.Death.
1806 Mar 15Westbury. Thos, Oswell, B.A.Edward Pember, of Longnor, esq.John Pyefinch.Death.
1811 May 6Westbury. Lawrence Gardner, M.A.Edw. Will. Smythe Pemberton, of Longnor, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1816 May 22Westbury. Lawrence Gardner, D.D. Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.Lawrence Gardner. Cession.
1820 Feb 5Westbury. Charles Leicester.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.Lawrence Gardner, D.D.Resignation.
1828 Nov 24Westbury. Thomas Parr, B.A.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, esq.Thomas Oswell.Death.
1852 Jul 30Westbury. Geo. Augustus Salusbury, S.C.L.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover.Thomas Parr.Death.
1858 Aug 17Westbury. Jas. Baldwyn Pugh, M.A.Edwd. Will. Smythe Owen, of Condover, esq.Charles Leicester. Death.
1894 Jan 12Westbury. Frederick Cooke, M.A.Himself,George Aug. Sainsbury.Death.
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