Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1284 Jun 4Whethull. (i.e. Wheathill). Reginald fitz-Reginald of Ludlow, sub-deacon.Lawrence de Ludlowe.  
1288 Nov 9Wheathill. Robert de Turberville.(not mentioned).  
1296 Nov 27Wheathill. John de Marpol,subd.Sir Walter Haket.  
1316 Jul 18Wheathill. Richard de Bodenham, priest.Sir Walter Haket.  
1333 Mar 19Wheathill. John Haket.Walter Haket.  
1342 Apr 25Wheathill. John Joldewyne.   
1362 Jan 13Wheathill (Whethulle). Ralph de la Lowe.John de Stoke, lord of Wheathill.Wm. de Farlowe.Resignation.
1366 Aug 15Wheathill. John Bromseley.John de Stoke.  
1399 Nov 9Wheathill. Reginald Coles, chapl.Thos. and Johanna Steves.John Wipley.Resignation.
1459 Aug 1Wheathill (Whetehille). Wm. Huntyngfeld, chapl.Humphrey Talbot.Reginald Lye.Death.
1463 Aug 18Wheathill (Wheteley) (?). Master Adam Smale.Humphrey Talbot.William Huntyngfield.Resignation.
1468 Jan 6Wheathill (Whethulle). Walter Baytone.Sir Humph. Talbot, knt.Master Adam Smale.Resignation.
1479 Jul 24Wheathill (Whethille). John Drew, chapl.Sir Humph. Talbot, knt.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1540 May 12Wheathill. Peter Watson.Fulk Barrett, of Brandon.Richard Parfett.Death.
1566 Jul 31Wheathill. John Morgan.Robert Dytton and Will. Holand, gen.   
1575 Jun 17Wheathill. John Acton.Robert Detton and William Holland, gen.  
1624 Jul 16Wheathill. John London.The king.  
1667 Mar 5Wheathill. Henry Holland.William Holland and Robert Detton, gen.Thomas Sheppard.Death.
1685 Jan 28Wheathill. John Taylor, M.A.William Hotchkis, gen.Henry Holland.Death.
1714 May 3Wheathill. Thomas Taylor, M.A.Thomas Holland, arm. and Margaret Crump, widow.John Taylor. Death.
1765 Mar 19Wheathill. John Atwood. jun., B.A.Bernard Holland, of Burwarton, esq,Thomas Taylor.Death.
1799 Feb 22Wheathill. Richd. Baugh, B.A. Bernard Holland, of Ludlow. esq.John Atwood.Death.
1800 Jul 24Wheathill. John Churton, B.A. Thomas Holland of Moreton, esq.Richard Baugh.Resignation.
1849 Jun 6Wheathill. Bernard Churton.John Churton, clerk.John Churton.Cession.
1871 Nov 13Wheathill. Fredk. Fowler Bradford, M.A.John Fowler Bradford, of Tunbridge Wells, K.C.B.Bernard Churton. Resignation.
1893 Jun 5Wheathill. Hen. Chas. Dereham Roberts, M.A.Frederick Fowler Bradford, clerk.Frederick Fowler Bradford.Resignation.
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