Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Feb 23Whitbourne. Walter de la Burcote.The bishop.  
1280 Jun 13Whitbourne. W. de la Burkate, deacon.The bishop.  
1306 Sep 25Whitbourne. Hamo de Sandwich, priest.The bishop.  
1333 Jan 13Whitbourne. Robert de Henle, clerk.The bishop.   
1334 Jan 16Whitbourne. Wm. de Sheynton, clerk.The bishop.  
1369 Sep 4Whitbourne. Thos. de Lodyngtone, chaplain.The king, on the vacancy of the see.  
1393 Jan 24Whitehorn. John ap Howell.The bishop.  
1394 Feb 20Whitebourne (Whitbourn). Philip Dilks, rector of Llanwrin, S. Asaph dioc.The bishop.John ap Howell, rector of Whitebourne.Exchange.
1400 May 20Whitbourn. John Hampton.The bishop.Philip Dilesk.Death.
1432 Jan 21Whitbourne. Richard Clode, chapl.The bishop.John Hampton.Death.
1475 Apr 7Whitbourne. Master W.Tapman.The bishop.Master Robt.Cowper. [3]Resignation. [3]
1476 Oct 6Whithourne. Wm. Wrixham, S. Theol., prof.The bishop.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1477 Jun 24Whitbourne. Thomas Cooke, leg. doc. advocate of the Court of Canterbury.The bishop.Wm. Wrixham.Acceptance of S. Bennet's, London.
1479 Aug 31Whitbourne. John Taylour, S. Theol. prof.The bishop.Thomas Cooke.Resignation.
1479 Oct 28Whitbourne. Master Ralph Barton. [2]The bishop.John Taylour, sacr. theol prof.Resignation.
1492 Mar 26Whitburne. Ralph Hawyes, in dec. bac., canon of Hereford. [1]The king, from the vacancy of the see.Ralph Barton.Resignation.
1517 Apr 25Whitbourne. William Hull, mag. artium, bishop's chaplain.The bishop.Robert Whitley. Death.
1543 Sep 23Whitbourne. Richard Thurketyll, M.A.The bishop.Wil. Hull. Death.
1561 May 8Whitbourne. Walter Bedell.The bishop.  
1580 Jun 18Whitbourne. Francis Jones.The bishop.  
1675 Dec 2Whitbourne. William Johnson.The bishop.John Coke.Death.
1714 May 12Whitbourne. William Floyer,The bishop.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1752 Oct 19Whitbourne. Robert Gascoyne, B.A.Executors of the late archbishop of Canterbury, patron in vacancy of the see of Hereford.William Floyer. Death.
1753 Jan 31Whitbourne. Luke Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Robert Gascoynee. Resignation.
1777 May 23Whitbourne. Hugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.Luke Morgan. Death.
1779 Sep 21Whitbourne. Charles Morgan, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Morgan.Cession.
1789 May 14Whitbourne. John Gibbons, M.A. The bishop.Charles Morgan.Death.
1790 Nov 4Whitbourne. Henry Ingles, M.A.The bishop.John Gibbons. Resignation.
1806 Jun 3Whitbourne. Henry Ingles, D.D. The bishop.Last incumbent.Cession.
1815 Sep 14Whitbourne. John Wingfield.The bishop.Hen. Ingles.Void by the ___ of Hen. Ingles.
1826 Apr 26Whitbourne. Thomas Hesketh Biggs, M.A.The bishop.John Wingfield.Death.
1833 Jan 3Whitbourne. Robert Biscoe, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Hesketh Biggs. Death.
1870 Dec 23Whitbourne. George Bellett, M.A. The bishop.Robert Biscoe. Death.
1886 Nov 22Whitbourne. Joseph Hen. Brierley, M.A.The bishop.George Bellett.Death.
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