Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1289 Aug 18Whitchurch. Reginald de Sutton, deacon.William de Valence, earl of Pembroke.  
1316 Apr 26Whitchurch. Thomas of Castle Goodrich, subd.Aymer de Valence, earl of Pembroke.  
1349 Oct 20Whitchurch. Henry de Eton.The king. [1]  
1381 Jan 12Whitchurch. Alan Faukenhamdam, parson of Stanton S. Quyntyn.The king, as guardian of the heir of John de Hastynges, earl of Pembroke.Hugo de Vagham.Exchange.
1412 Sep 13Whitechurch. John Fayr, chaplain. [1a]Sir Gilbert, lord of Talbot.Sir Alan.Death.
1427 Jan 20Whitechurch. Robert Geffray. [2]The earl of Pembroke.John Lyscobe.Resignation.
1464 Apr 6Whitchurch. Roger ap Jevan Griffith.Sir William Herbert, lord of Pembroke, ut asseruit.  
1465 May 20Church of S. Dubricius, Whitchurch. John Webbe, chapl.Sir Wm. Herbert, lord Herbert and Pembroke. [6]Roger ap Jevan.Resignation.
1475 Apr 15Whitchurch. Thomas Hyre.William, earl of Pembroke.John Webbe.Resignation.
1478 May 27Whitchurch (album monasterium). John ap Meuric, vic. of Peterstow.William, earl of Pembroke. [1]Thomas Hyre.Resignation on Apr. 18.
1549 Jul 1Whitchurch. Robert ffoster.Francis, Earl of Shrewsbury.Henry Baker. Death.
1551 Mar 24Whitchurch. Simon Gylbert.The king.George Peerse.Resignation.
1577 Aug 5Whitchurch. William Jones.Gilbert Talbott, arm.  
1661 May 4Whitchurch. Ed. Betham.Rudhall Gwyllim, arm.   
1695 Feb 11Whitchurch. Francis Tyler, M.A. Antony, earl of Kent.Edward Betham. Death.
1728 Apr 20Whitchurch. Daniel Renaud, M.A. Thomas Cartwright, arm., and Joseph Wasse. pro hac unica vice.Francis Tyler. Death.
1772 Jul 9Whitchurch. John Davis, D.D.George Catchmayd, esq.Daniel Renaud.Death.
1815 Sep 7Whitchurch and Ganarew.UGeorge Pyke, M.A. Thomas Prosser, of Monmouth, clerk.Duncumb Pryke Davis.Death.
1852 Dec 18Whitchurch. William Hen. James. George Pyrke.Death.
1859 Jan 15Whitchurch. Timothy Gascoyne Lynde.John Tidd Pratt, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law.William Henry James.Resignation.
1862 May 30Whitchurch. William Dry, M.A.William Dry, of Oxford, esq.Timothy Gascoigne Lynde.Resignation.
1880 May 20Whitchurch. Fitzroy Fuller Lofty, M.A.William Dry, clerk.William Dry.Resignation.
1890 Sep 23Whitchurch. Edward Page, M.A.Fitzroy Fuller Lofty, clerk.Fitzroy Fuller Lofty.Resignation.
1897 Nov 10Whitchurch. John Lingen Seager, M.A.Stanley Hicks. esq.Edward Page.Resignation.
1899 May 20Whitchurch. George Haynes Robinson, B.A.Haynes Sparrow Robinson of Norwich, surgeon.John Lingen Seager. Death.
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