Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Feb 17Wyteneye (i.e. Whitney). Richard de la Sole, subd.The bishop. [4]  
1345 Dec 20Whitney. Thomas de Whyteneye, acolyte.Sir Eustace de Whyteneye.  
1349 Aug 23Whitney. John Brasur.Sir Eustace de Whyteneye.  
1369 Oct 30Whitney. John Rees, chaplain.Robt. de Wytheneye.  
1393 Oct 21Whitney. John Smith, chapl.Sir Robt de Whittney.  
1411 Feb 14Whitney. John Clerc, rector of Stanton on the Wold.Robert Whitney.John Smyth.Exchange.
1413 Oct 10Whitney. John Halys, rector of Parley.Sir Robert Whyteney, knt.John Clerk.Exchange.
1417 Jul 15Whitney. Reginald Lane, rector of Kentchurch.Sir Robert Whitney, knt.John Hales, rector of Whitney.Exchange.
1428 Mar 31Whitney. John Heyter, chapl.Sir Robt. Whyteney.Reginald Lane.Death.
1429 Jan 12Whitney. Richd. ap Powell, chapl.Sir John Whyteney.John Heyter.Death.
1432 Feb 19Whitney. ? vicar of Talgarth, in the diocese of S. David's. Last rector of Whitney.Exchange.
1460 Jul 31Whitney. Henry Writere, chapl.Eustace Whyteney.  
1464 Mar 12Whitney. Thom. ap Rees, chapl.Eustace Whitney, armiger.Henry Skryvenere.Death.
1484 May 18Whitney. James Estoun.Robert Whitney.  
1505 Dec 22Whitney. Owen Poole.The feoffees of the lordship of Whitney. [1]James Eston.Death.
1544 Apr 9Whitney-on-Wye. James ap Hopkyn.The king, in the minority of Robert Whitney.Owen Pole, alias Meredith. Death.
1554 Oct 15Whitney. Roger Lawrence.The bishop.James HopkinsDeprivation.
1560 Aug 1Whitney. Thomas Gravenor.Robt. Whitney, mil.  
1575 Nov 12Whitney. James Hopkin.James Whitney, mil.  
1577 Jun 28Whitney. William Hudleston. James Whitney, mil.  
1677 Aug 7Whitney. Thom. Mallett, B.A. Thomas Gears, arm.Daniel Witcherley, D.D. Death.
1678 Jul 15Whitney-on-Wye. Thomas Hitchcock, M.A.Thomas Geers, arm.Thomas Mallett.Death.
1690 Aug 22Whitney. Anthony Cope, D.C.L. Thomas Geers, serjeant-at-law. Thomas Hitchcock. Death.
1692 Jan 15Whitney-on-Wye. Thomas Whetham, M.A.Thomas Geers, serjeant-at-arms. Anthony Coxe.Resignation.
1698 Jun 15Whitney. John Prosser,Thomas Geers, serjeant-at-law. Thomas Whetham. Cession.
1720 May 9Whitney. Timothy Geers, B. A. Eliza Geers, widow.John Prosser.Death.
1724 Aug 18Whitney. Timothy Geers, M.A. William Wardour, arm.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1747 Jan 28Whitney. Edwd. Crank, M.A. Tomkyns Wardour, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1763 Jun 24Whitney. Edward Edwards, M.A.Elizabeth Wardour, widow.Edward Crank.Death.
1804 Sep 22Whitney. John Francis Stuart, M.A.Tomkyns Dew, esqEdward Edwards.Death.
1834 Feb 5Whitney. Rich. Lister Venables, M.A.Tomkyns Dew, esq.John Francis Stewart.Death.
1843 Dec 18Whitney. Henry Dew, B.A.Tomkyns Dew, esq.Richard Lister Venables. Resignation.
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