Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1306 Nov 26Willersley. Adam de Alyneton, acol.The bishop. [4]  
1321 Dec 4Willersley. John Bocce, clerk.William de la Wode.  
1349 Aug 21Willersley (Willardesleye). William Millies, of Wyforton.Sir Wm. Deveros.  
1532 Mar 27Willersley. Thomas Trauntier. The bishop, by lapse.  
1546 Jul 30Willersley. Robert Gam.Thomas Havard, of Willersley, gen.Thomas Traunter.Resignation.
1663 Feb 7Willersley. John Harris.The bishop.  
1712 Apr 17Willersley. Samuel Hall, B.A.Edw. Chamberlain.John Harris.Death.
1727 Jun 22Willersley. Joseph Powell, B.A. Tamberlane Hords, gen.Samuel Hall.Death.
1767 Sep 10Willersley. Sir John Dutton Colt, bart.The king, by lapse.Joseph Powell.Death.
1809 Oct 20Willersley. John Lilley, M.A.Himself.Sir John Dutton Colt, bart.Death.
1825 Dec 29Willersley. Samuel Powell, M.A.Jane Lilly, widow.John Lilly.Death.
1837 Feb 10Willersley. Henry Blisset, M.A. Joseph Blisset, esq.Samuel Powell.Cession.
1868 Nov 6Willersley. Ch. Hen. Pilkington, M.A.Henry Blissett, clerk.Henry Blissett.Resignation.
1872 Jan 13Willersley. Thomas Whitley, M.A.Henry Blissett, clerk.Charles Hen. Pilkington.Cession.
1884 Nov 7Willersley. Rhys Bishop, M.A.Henry Blissett, clerk.Thomas Whitley. Cession.
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