Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Jun 24Willey. Adam de Wheathill, acolyte.   
1277 Oct 6Willey. William de Brocbury.Simon Bras.  
1287 Aug 28Wyle (i.e. Willey). William de la Launde.Henry de la Launde.  
1304 Oct 14Willey. Henry de Forte, subd.Richard de Harley.  
1306 Oct 6Willey. William de Githeby, priest.Henry de la Launde.  
1309 Apr 11Willey. Philip de Wick, priest.Richard de la Launde.  
1324 Mar 27Willey. Philip de Harley, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock, on the nomination of Lady Burge de Harley.  
1334 May 13While (Willey). Nich. de Brewood.Richard de la Launde.  
1350 May 12Willey. William de While.Sir Thomas de Maurdyn.Nicholas de Brewode.Resignation.
1351 Oct 5Willey (Whyle). Thos. de Houton.Thos. de Preston.William Jenkins.Exchange.
1351 Dec 19Willey. Gilbert de Hunderton, vicar of Baysham. Richard le Parker, rector.Exchange.
1357 Aug 6Willey chapel. Philip de Harley. [3]Robert de Harley.  
1357 Mar 23Willey (Wilileye) free chapel. Robt de Shardlowe, clerk.The king (Wenlock priory).  
1359 ?Willey. Adam de Everingham, canon and prebendary of Grendale in York cathedral. Robert de Shardlow, rector.Exchange.
1360 Mar 30Willey free chapel. Hugh le Yonge, chaplain. The king (Wenlock priory).Adam de Evereyngham.Exchange.
1383 Feb 22Willey free chapel. Walter Aumeneye, chaplain.The king (Wenlock priory).   
1386 Aug 13Willey chapel (Williley). Thomas Hertford, clerk.The king (Wenlock priory).Walter Aumeney.Resignation.
1387 Dec 16Willey free chapel (Willeleye). Thomas Preston, clerk.The king (Wenlock priory). Thomas de Hereford.Resignation.
1391 Aug 2Willey chapel. Robert Derby.The Crown (Wenlock priory).Thomas Preston.Resignation.
1394 Feb 25Willey chantry.CJohn Caysche, chantry priest in Milton, Lincoln dioc. Robert Derby, chantry priest in Willey.Exchange.
1410 Jan 15Willey free chapel (Wyllyley). Richard Talbot, bach. utriusque juris.Prior and convent of Wenlock, on nomination of Joan de Harley, lady of Willey.John Caysbo.Death.
1412 Jun 28Willey chapel (Willeley). John Kingmon.Prior and convent of Wenlock.Master Richd. Talbot.Resignation.
1557 Jun 28Willey. Michael Ball.Thomas Ridley and Agnes, his wife, late the wife of, Richard Lacon, arm., defunct.   
1563 Dec 18Willey. ___ [1] Diason.Rowland Lacon, arm.  
1571 Mar 6Willey. Giles Hocchekis.Roland Lacon, arm.  
1680 Apr 30Willey. Francis Wheeler, M.A.Sir John Weld.Robert Ogdon.Death.
1687 Jan 6Willey. Richard Hartshorne. George Weld, arm.Francis Wheeler. Death.
1698 Jun 22Willey. Joseph Barney.George Weld, arm.Richard Hartshorne.Death.
1727 Sep 15Willey. John Williams, B.A. George Weld, arm.Joseph Barney. Death.
1740 Jul 3Willey. John Fayle, B.A.George Weld, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1778 Aug 20Willey. Morgan Jones.George Forester, of Willey, esq.John Fayle, D.D.Death.
1817 Dec 12Willey. Mich. Pye Stephens. Cecil Weld Forester.Morgan Jones. Death.
1823 Jan 31Willey and Barrow. William Bate, M.A. Cecil Weld, lord Forester.Michael Pye Stephens.Death.
1850 May 26Willey with Barrow. Hon. George Thos. Orlando Bridgeman.John George Weld, lord Forester.William Bates. Death.
1854 Jan 6Willey and Barrow. Thomas Rowley, D.D.John George Weld, lord Forester.Hon.Geo. Thomas Orlando Bridgeman. Cession.
1878 Feb 2Willey with Barrow.CWill. Hen, Wayne, B.A.George Cecil Weld, lord Forester.Thomas Rowley. Death.
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