Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1315 Jul 27Winforton. Roger Dun, priest.Roger Mortimer.  
1330 Aug 3Winforton. Philip of Winforton (Wymfortone).Earl Roger Mortimer.  
1349 Jul 29Winforton. Stephen de Wythyndon.Dame Margery Berkeley of Iwele, relict of Sir Maurice.  
1355 Jul 16Winforton. John de Staunford, chaplain.Joanna de Mortuo Mari, countess of March.Stephen de Wythyndon.Exchange.
1363 Jun 21Winforton. John Wodeward. [1]   
1365 Dec 12Winforton. John ate Brugge de Conglesholm.The king, guardian of heir of Roger, earl of March.Wm. Mounteyn.Resignation.
1379 Sep 11Winforton (Wynfretone).RWilliam Mody, rector of Herewardstoke.The earl of March.John Worteley, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1387 Jul 20Winforton.RJohn Ely, rector of Stratton by Cirencester. William Mody, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1393 Nov 8Winforton. John Aungere, rector of Quenynley, Worc. dioc.The Crown.John Ely, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1415 May 9Winforton. Marmaduke Luney, clerk.Edmund, earl of March.Last rector. [4]Death.
1417 Jun 25Winforton. Richd. Bratinspath, clerk.Edmund, earl of March.Marmaduke Lumley.Resignation.
1418 Mar 1Winforton. John Harrys, chaplain, rector of Mereworth.The earl of March and Ulster (Ultonie), lord of Wigmore and Clare.Richard Braunspathe, clerk, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1419 Jun 10Winforton. Walter Heliot, rector of Beechingstoke, (Bychyngstoke), by his proctor, John Nele.Edmund, earl of March.John Harrys, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1428 Feb 27Winforton. John Waryn, vicar of Stennynton. in the diocese of Salisbury.The Crown.Walter Michat, rector of Winforton.Exchange.
1432 May 17Winforton. Lewis Baum.The Crown (duke of York).John Wareyn.Resignation.
1459 Mar 5Winforton. Richard ap David.Richard, duke of York, lord of Wigmore and Clare.Lewis Ban.Resignation.
1474 Sep 27Winforton. Walter Boleyn, chapl.The king.Richard ap David.Resignation.
1505 Apr 16Winforton. Richd. ap Meredith.The king.Owen Pole. [5]Resignation.
1523 Sep 10Winforton. Eustace Vaghan.The king.Master John Olyver.Resignation.
1573 Nov 13Winforton. John Watkins, M.A. The queen.  
1682 Jun 8Winforton. Christopher Hanly. Sir John Holman, bart.Thomas Dowsing.Death.
1685 Mar 28Winforton. Thomas Hitchcock, M.A.Sir John Holman, bart.Chris. Hanley.Cession.
1690 Sep 27Winforton. Joseph Swift, B.A,Sir John Holman, bart., of Weston, Northants.Thomas Hitchcock. Death.
1722 Jul 14Winforton. Thomas Williams, M.A.The chancellor, masters and scholars of Oxford University.Last incumbent.Death.
1749 Feb 28Winforton. Thomas Williams, M.A.The king, by lapse.Thomas Williams.Cession.
1787 Jun 25Winforton. Richard Coke, M.A. John Freeman, of Letton, esq.Thomas Williams.Death.
1794 Jun 5Winforton. John Clutton, M.A. John Freeman, of Letton, esq.Richard Coke.Death.
1818 Dec 1Winforton. William Dornville, M.A.Henry Hobhouse, of Hadspen, Co. Somerset, esq.John Clutton, D.D. Resignation.
1860 Jan 19Winforton. Thomas Kearsey Thomas, M.A.Elizabeth Blissett, of Chamberlain St., Wells, widow.William Domville. Death.
1893 Oct 17Winforton. Charles John Down, B.A.Margaret Jane Dew, of Letton Court, gentlewoman.Thomas Kearsey Thomas. Resignation.
1900 Feb 23Winforton. Hugh John Marshall, M.A.Margaret Jane Dew.Charles John Down.Death.
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