Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1410 Jul 20Withington.VThomas Kele, vicar of Felton. William Stoke.Exchange.
1623 Dec 3Withington. John Fremantle.The bishop.  
1723 Apr 8Withington.VRichard Waring, M.A.The dean of Hereford.Hugo Lewis, D.D.Death.
1769 Jun 26Withington with chapel of Preston Wynne.VJohn Stone, LL.D.Francis Webber, D.D., dean of Hereford, in virtue of his deanery.Richard Waring.Death.
1778 May 9Withington with chapel of Preston Wynne.VThos. Horne, M.A. Nathan Wetherall, D.D., in right of the deanery of Hereford. John Stone.Cession.
1797 Jan 28Withington with chapel annexed. William Price.The dean of Hereford.Thomas Horne, D.D. Cession.
1857 Oct 17Withington.VProdger Herbert Symonds, M.A.The bishop.William Walthall Gretton.Death.
1882 Aug 11Withington. Richd. Powell, M.A. The bishop.Charles Will. Pritchard. Death.
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