Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Nov 18Wolferlow. John of Monmouth.Prioress and convent of Aconbury, with the consent of the Canons of Bromyard.  
1285 Jun 8Wolferlow. William le Blake, subd.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.  
1296 Jun 22Wolferlow. Adam de Avenebury.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.  
1328 Feb 23Wolferlow.VWm. de Gaytone.The bishop.  
1350 May 18Wolferlow.VJohn Tylere, of Upper Bullinghope.Prioress and convent of Aconbury, on a due nom.  
1350 Jan 8Wolferlow.VJohn atte Brok.Prioress and convent of Aconbury. [1]  
1366 Jun 24Wolferlow.VGilbert Leye.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Sir John.Resignation.
1466 Oct 29Wolferlow. David Hore.Death of Richd. Parkere.  
1477 Jan 16Wolferlow.VRoger Grene, chapl.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury.John Grene.Resignation.
1505 Dec 4Wolferlow.VThomas Parker.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury.Roger Grene.Death.
1524 Oct 12Wolferlow.VRoger Stone.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury, on the nomination of the bishop.Thomas Parker.Resignation.
1572 Mar 31Wolferlow.VMathew Crokett.Richd. Readynge, of Underleigh, gen.  
1578 Dec 23Wolferlow.VWilliam Wynne.The bishop, by lapse.   
1580 Jun 25Wolferlow.VWilliam Wynne.Richard Readinge, gen.  
1625 Nov 3Wolferlow.VGiles Rawlins,Mathew Reding, gen.  
1678 Apr 3Wolferlow.VMoses Ludlow.Thomas Child, arm.Giles Rawlins.Death.
1687 Jun 16Wolferlow.VPraise-God Maiden. Sir Francis Winnington.Moses Ludlow.Death.
1705 Jan 3Wolferlow.VJohn Addenbrook, M.A.Salwey Winnington, arm.Praise-God Maulden.Death.
1725 May 29Wolferlow.VJohn Addenbroke.Salwey Winnington, arm.John Addenbroke.Death.
1728 Feb 6Wolferlow.VJohn Nash, M.A.Salwey Winnington, arm.John Addenbroke.Death.
1737 Jan 14Wolferlow.VRobert Comyn, M.A.Thos. Winnington, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1769 Sep 22Wolferlow.VJohn Walker, B.A. Sir Edwd. Winnington, bart.Robert Comyn.Death.
1812 Jun 1Wolferlow and Upper Sapey.VHenry Card, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.John Walker. Death.
1813 Apr 24Wolferlow.VJohn Rich. Ingram, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Henry Card.Cession.
1814 Aug 8Wolferlow.VFrancis Winnington, B.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.John Richd. Ingham.Resignation.
1845 Nov 18Wolferlow.VGilbert Sandbach, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Francis Winnington. Resignation.
1854 May 23Wolferlow.VJohn Howard Cressy Wright, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Gilbert Sandbach.Resignation.
1871 Oct 28Wolferlow.VHenry Worsley, M.A.Sarah Ann Wright, widow.John Howard Cressy Wright. Death.
1873 Jul 31Wolferlow.VChas. Uppleby Bower, M.A.William Barneby, esq.Henry Worsley.Resignation.
1888 Aug 16Wolferlow.VJohn Church Francis Hare, B.A,William Barneby, esq,William Lloyd Nicholl.Death.
1889 Aug 30Wolferlow.VFrederick Bickerton Grant.William Barneby, esq.John Church Francis Hare.Resignation.
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