Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1288 Jun 14Wolaston (i.e. Wollaston). Stephen de Trillec, priest.Abbot and convent of Tintern.  
1315 Apr 20Wolaston. John de Aumbresley, priest.Abbot and convent of Tintern.  
1316 Aug 12Wolinston. Edmund de Ludlow, priest.Sir John de Hardle.  
1316 Oct 27Wolaston. Richard Wondy, priest.Abbot and convent of Tintern.  
1326 Feb 12Wolaston. Nicholas Gerveys, priest.Abbot and convent of Tintern.  
1336 Jul 8Wolaston. John de Grenesende de Saldecote.Abbot and convent of Tintern.  
1349 Apr 3Wolaston.VThomas Ooo, of Strigul.Abbot and convent of Tintern.Sir John.Death.
1396 Nov 17Wolastone (Wolaston).VWm. Clyve, dean of and prebendary of Bangor.Abbot and convent of Tintern.Philip Clyffeld, vicar of Wolastone.Exchange.
1397 May 24Wollastone.VPhilip Clyffeld, dean of Bangor. William, vicar of Wollastone.Exchange.
1398 Nov 6Wollaston.VJohn Stephen, rector of Brockley, Bath and Wells dioc. Philip ap Jevan, vicar of Wollaston.Exchange.
1399 Nov 3Wolaston.VJohn Wodecot, rector of Frenyngham, Canterbury dioc.Abbot and convent of Tintern.John Steven, vicar of Wolaston.Exchange.
1400 Feb 7Wolstanton. John de Besselowe, rector of Stircheley, Lichfield dioc. William Spark, rector of Wolstanton.Exchange.
1404 Nov 19Woolaston.VJohn Leyre, rector of Upwaltham, in the diocese of Chichester, by his proctor John Leycester.Abbot and convent of Tintern.John Wodecok.Exchange.
1407 Jun 16Woolaston.VRichard Taylour, chaplain. Abbot and convent of Tintern.John Leyre.Resignation.
1410 Oct 13Wollastone.VHenry Deye, chaplain of S. Mary's chantry in Todwick church.Abbot and convent of Tintern.Richard Taylour.Exchange.
1413 Feb 20Wollstaston. John Raulyns, clerk.Sir Hugh Burnell, knt., lord of Holgate and Willey.  
1431 May 6Wollaston. John Stacy, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Tintern.Henry Dey.Resignation.
1443 Jan 28Wollaston.VJohn Barnby, chapl. [3]Abbot and conv. of Tintern.John Stacy.Death.
1443 Feb 28Wollaston.VJohn Propchaunt, chapl. [3]Abbot and conv. of Tintern.John Barnby.Resignation.
1459 Aug 13Wollaston. Robert Prince.Abbot and conv. of Tintern.  
1506 Jan 8Wollaston w. Alvington chapel. Thos. Wodecocke.Abbot and conv. of Tintern.John Prowtryng.Death.
1510 Oct 13Wollastone, with Alvington chapel. Wm. ap Hopkyn.Abbot and conv. of Tintern.Thos. Wodecocke.Resignation.
1537 Sep 26Woolastone.VRoger Wynter, art. mag.Edw. Shyre, Wm. Kyrby, and John Malett. [7]Wm. ap Hopkyn. Death.
1538 Aug 13Wollaston. William Peese.William Sanke, gen. John Tonge.Death.
1770 Jan 11Wolstaston. Geo. Hodges, B.A.Sir Thos. Whitmore, K.C.B. Thomas Bradburne. Death.
1781 Jan 3Woolaston.CDaniel Williams, B.A.William Thornes, clerk.Will. Powell."Void by the ___ of Will. Powell".
1837 Mar 8Wollaston.CJohn Leigh Spencer, M.A.Rich. Spencer Huntley, as vicar of Alberbury.John Topp. Death.
1846 May 25Wollaston.CEdward Lowe, M.A. Rich. Webster Huntley, M.A., as vicar of Alberbury.John Leigh Spencer. Cession.
1848 Sep 30Wollaston. John Henry Acton Harries.Rich. Webster Huntley, as vicar of Alberbury.Henry Edward Lowe. Resignation.
1853 Jul 1Wollaston.CJohn Henry Acton Harries, M.A.Rich. Webster Huntley, as vicar of Alberbury.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1868 Jul 17Wollaston.CWill. Watson English, M.A.Josiah Mitchell, as vicar of Alberbury.Frederick Hardy Rennington.Resignation.
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