Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1283 Sep 27Woolhope.PGilbert de Swinfield.The bishop.Thomas de Inglethorpe.Vacated.
1300 Jan 15 Woolhope.PJohn de Winchelsea.The bishop.  
1312 Mar 22Woolhope.PMichael de Bereham, canon.The bishop.John de Winchelsea.Exchange.
1390 May 30Woolhope.VWalter, vicar of Stoke Milburgh. Richard, vicar of Woolhope, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1418 Aug 13Woolhope (Hope Wolnyth).VJohn Lewys, rector of Edvyn (Yedevyn).Dean and chapter of Hereford.John Sharlestre, vicar of Woolhope (Hope Wolnyth).Exchange.
1419 Sep 29Woolhope.VSymon Phelypes, vicar of Baysham.Dean and chapter of Hereford.John Lewys, vicar of Woolhope.Exchange.
1447 Oct 5Woolhope.VWalter Yedvyn, rector of Mordiford.The dean and chapter.Henry Yedvyn, vicar of Woolhope.Exchange.
1729 Feb 1Woolhope.VThomas Barnes, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Boaz HodgesDeath.
1757 Jun 18Woolhope with chapel of Brockhampton annexed.VThomas Russell, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Thomas Barnes. Death.
1769 Mar 27Woolhope with chapel of Brockhampton.VJames Birt, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Thomas Russell. Resignation.
1831 Aug 27Woolhope with Fownhope.VArthur Matthews, B.D.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Hugh Hanmet Morgan.Cession.
1881 Sep 9Woolhope.VThomas Meredith Beavan, M.A.The dean and chapter of Hereford.Francis Merewether.Resignation.
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