Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1767 Aug 1Wormesley.CJohn Davies.Ursula Knight, widow. Benj. White.Death.
1781 Sep 26Wormesley.CJames Prosser.Richd. Payne, knight of Downton Castle, esq.John Davies.Death.
1799 Sep 18Wormesley.CThomas Jones, B.A. Andrew Knight, of the Grange, esq.James Prosser.Resignation.
1819 Sep 18Wormesley.CChristopher Jones, M.A.Thomas Andrew Knight, esq.Thomas Jones.Death.
1854 Mar 7Wormesley.CRowland Hill, B.A.The bishop, by lapse, Christopher Jones.Death.
1889 Aug 26Wormesley.CReginald Remington, M.A.Andrew Rouse Boughton Knight. esq.Rowland Hill.Death.
1891 Mar 7Wormesley.CHen. Auriol Barker, M.A.Andrew Johnes Rouse Boughton Knight, esq.Reginald Remington. Cession.
1896 Oct 14Wormesley.CAlfred Relton, M.A.Andrewjohnes Rouse Boughton Knight.Henry Auriol Barker.Resignation.
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