Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1285 Feb 26Worthen. David de Montgomery. [7]The bishop.  
1290 May 27Worthen. Philip de Orreby, subd.Peter Corbet.  
1314 Mar 9Worthen. Nicholas de Pontesbury, priest.Peter Corbet.  
1349 Aug 16Worthen. Richard de Stafford.Ralph, baron Stafford.  
1369 Jul 17Worthyn. Master Edm. de Stafford.Ralph, earl of Stafford.  
1386 Feb 6Worthyn.RJohn Prophete, canon.The king, guardian of the lands and heir of Hugh, earl of Stafford.Edmund de Stafford, rector of Worthyn.Exchange.
1411 Sep 1Worthin. John Shireokes, clerk.Joan, queen of England, hac vice.  
1412 Aug 3Worthin. John Ayllestone, clerk.Joan, queen of England.Robert Shireoaks.Resignation.
1412 Oct 23Worthin. Thomas Berker, chaplain.The queen.John Aylestone.Resignation.
1418 May 5Worthin. Roger Skylle, chap. Queen Johanna (guardian of Humphrey, son and heir of Edward, earl of Stafford).Thomas Barker.Resignation.
1418 Feb 17Worthyn. Roger Skylle.Joan, queen of England. [7]Thomas Barker. [8]Resignation.
1455 Mar 13Worthen. John Wodurtone.Humphrey, duke of Buckingham. [2]Roger Skulle.Death.
1466 Jan 19Worthen. Master John Geoffrey.The feoffees of the castle and demesne of Caus. [1]John Wodertone.Death.
1512 Sep 29Worthen. John Knevett.Edward, duke of Buckingham.Rich. Lynghen.Death.
1518 Sep 9Worthen. Robert Gilbert, art. mag.Edward, duke of Buckingham.John Knevett.Death.
1529 Oct 6Worthen. John Tyxhale, in art. bac.Henry, lord Stafford.Edward Foulk.Death.
1545 Nov 5Worthen. William Buckland.Henry, Lord Stafford, and Ursula, his wife.John Tyrall.Death.
1555 Feb 16Worthen. Robert Sutton.Henry, lord Stafford,lord of Thornbury, Caurs, and Worthen, and Ursula, his wife.   
1570 Oct 6Worthen. Ralph Bloore, scolaris.Ed., lord Stafford.Ralph Bloore.Death.
1675 Sep 22Worthen. Thomas Seddon, alias Sidney.Robt. Leighton, arm. Laurence Seddon. Death.
1686 Apr 9Worthen. Edmund Hanmer, M.A.Robert Leighton, arm.Thomas Seddon, alias Sidney. Death.
1725 May 20Worthen. John Hawkins, B.A. Daniel Nicholl, arm.William Hanmer. Death.
1765 Jul 24Worthen. John Hawkins, jun., M.A.Lieut.-Gen. Francis Leighton, of Queen's Square, Bloomsbury.John Hawkins, sen. Resignation.
1782 Jun 13Worthen. George Nugent, M.A.Charlotte and Frances Leighton, of Wimpole Street. London, spinsters.Isaac Hawkins. Death.
1784 Mar 10Worthen. Richard King, M.A. John Gascoigne Fanshawe, of Bedford Row, Co. Middlesex, esq.George Nugent. Cession.
1811 Mar 14Worthen. Philip Smyth, LL.B, New College, Oxford. Richard King. Death.
1840 Dec 10Worthen. Charles Awdry, B.C.L.New College, Oxford. Philip Smythe, B.C.L.Death.
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