Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Apr 30Yazor.VSimon de Fekham, priest.Priory of Llanthony prima.  
1277 May 30Yazor.VGeoffrey de Aylun.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1291 Jan 7Yaysore (i.e. Yazor). John de Ledbury, chapl.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1313 Feb 12Yazor. William de Brinsop, priest.Abbot and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1349 Sep 17Yazor.VJohn Page.Abbot and convent of Llanthony in Wales.  
1369 Dec 19Yazor (Yazare).VRoger (blank) clerk.Abbot and convent of Llanthony prima.  
1390 May 28Yazor.VThos. Frer, chapl. Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.  
1418 Nov 27Yazor.VJohn Fourges.Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.John Frere.Death.
1428 Oct 4Yazor.VThorms Geffreys.Prior and conv of Llanthony in Wales.David Kynnisbury.Resignation.
1442 Aug 18Yazor.VRichard Velyn, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.Thomas Geffrays.Resignation.
1446 Oct 17Yazor. John Clementes, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.  
1460 Nov 14Yazor.VJohn Lloyde, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.  
1465 Aug 16Yazor (Yasore).VJohn Clement.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.John Lloide.Resignation.
1468 Apr 26Yazor.VThomas Tannere.Prior and conv. of Llanthony in Wales.  
1479 Feb 3Yazor (Yauesor).VJohn Wolfe, chapl.Prior and conv. of Llanthony prima.Thomas Tannere.Resignation.
1490 Feb 16Yazor.VJohn Gough, vicar of Hom Lacy. John Wolff, vicar of Yazor.Exchange.
1522 Mar 18Yazor.VRichard Frett.Prior and conv. of Llanthony by Gloucester.John Gozhe. [9]Resignation.
1556 Dec 20Yazor.VJohn Walter.Thomas Smythe, of Credenhill, gen.   
1662 Nov 7Yazor.VRichard Yeomans, alias Imings.Robert Rodd, gen.   
1671 Apr 27Yazor.VSamuel Clarke.Robert Rodd, arm Richard Junnings.Resignation.
1691 Mar 13Yazor.VFrancis Broade, M.A.Anna Sophia Rodde, of Foxley.Samuel Clarke.Death.
1707 Apr 7Yazor.VJohn Clerke, M.A.Robert Price, arm. (one of her majesty's barons of the exchequer).Francis Broade. Cession or resignation.
1711 Dec 28Yazor.VRobert Kyffin, M.A. Robert Price, baron of the exchequer.John Clerke.Resignation.
1724 Dec 30Yazor.VJames Allen.Uvedale Price, arm.Robert Kyffin.Death.
1776 Jun 1Yazor.VThos. Evans, B.A.Uvedale Price, of Foxley, esq.James Allen.Death.
1881 May 13Yazor.VAugustus Charles Lee, B.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk.George Horatio Davenport.Cession.
1885 Feb 26Yazor.VWalter Fitzwarine Smith.The bishop, by lapse.Augustus Charles Lee. Cession.
1888 Feb 2Yazor.VGeo. Horatio Davenport, M.A.Himself.Walter Fitzwarine Smith.Resignation.
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