Table of a detachment of the Domesday Hundred of CUTESTORNES, Herefordshire

Domesday Name. Saxon Owner, T.R.E. Domesday Tenant in Capite. Domesday Mesne, or next, Tenent. Domesday Sub-Tenant. Domesday Features. Domesday Hidage. Domesday Reference. Modern Hundred. Modern Name.
Castellum Auretone.   Osbernus filius Ricardi.   28 Homines.     186, b. 2. Wolfy (Herefordshire), Munslow (Salop). Richard's Castle.
Castellaria de Auretone. Ricardus (Scrupe ?). Robertus Gernon.       5 hides. 185, a. 2. Wolfy (Herefordshire), Munslow (Salop). Woofferton and all members of Richard's Castle.
Ludeforde.   Osbernus filius Ricardi.       1 hide. 186, b. 2. Wolfy (Herefordshire). Ludford.
Lude. Saisi. Osbernus filius Ricardi. Rogerius de Laci. Prepositus et Faber.   2 hides. 186, b. 2. Munslow, Salop. Ludlow.


End of Cutestornes

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