Eyton's Antiquities of Shropshire

From 1854 onwards, the Rev. R.W. EYTON, Rector of Ryton, produced his "Antiquities of Shropshire". These were published in 12 volumes and included maps and engravings of churches. However, the primary purpose was to publish in one place, the earliest records obtainable of Shropshire.

The volumes are arranged by hundred and the earliest records start with Domesday (1085-1086) and proceed through the Pipe Rolls (1130 onwards), the Liber Niger (1166), the Liber Feodorum (beginning 1198) and other Rolls, Chartularies and similar records. Eyton's Antiquities proceed through to the end of the 14th century in all cases, and up to the Dissolution in some cases.

I have transcribed the Preface, the Glossary and the text of the 12 Volumes, and I'm in the process of adding the tables of Shropshire Hundreds.

The 12 volumes of Eyton's Antiquities are available on the Internet Archive website in pdf format and, for the convenience of Shropshire researchers, I have included on this website the pdf versions from which I have been working.

Note that the pdf versions of of the Volumes include engravings, pedigrees and tables, which I have not transcribed. Note also that the pdf version of Volume 12 includes a number of indexes as well as the Glossary.

Shropshire Hundreds

Original Texts in pdf format

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