Table of the Domesday Hundred of WITENTREU

Domesday Name. Saxon Owner, T.R.E. Domesday Tenant in Capite. Domesday Mesne, or next, Tenent. Domesday Sub-Tenant. Domesday Features. Domesday Hidage. Domesday Reference. Modern Hundred. Modern Name.
Cireberie. Rex Edwardus. Rogerius Comes.     Witentreu Hundred, Duae Ecclesiae, Presbyter, Praepositus. (Not given). 253, b. 1. Chirbury. Chirbury.
Cirestoc. Seuuard. Idem. Elward. I Waleis. Silva. 5 hides. 259, b. 1. Cawrse. Church Stoke.
Lach. Leuric. Idem. Godebold.     1 virgates. 259, b. 1. Chirbury. Lack.
Lestune. Seuuard. Idem. Rogerius filius Corbet.   Silva. 1 hide. 255, b. 2. Montgomery. Leighton.
Meritune. Euuard, Aluric. Idem. Rogerius filius Corbet.   Silva. hide. 256, a. 1. Chirbury. Marrington.
Mertune. Ecclesia Sti Ceddae. Idem. Ecclesia Sti Ceddae. Eluuard. Silva. 2 hides. 253, a. 1. Chirbury. Marton.
Muletune. Godric. Idem. Elward.     1 virgate. 259, b. 1. Chirbury. Muneton (1221-1395).
Mildetune. Ertein. Idem. Ertein.     3 virgates. 259, b. 1. Chirbury. Middleton.
Mildetune. Edric Salvage. Idem. Robertus filius Corbet.     3 virgates. 256, a. 1. Chirbury. Middleton.
Muntgumeri[*]. Seuuar, Oslac, Azor. Idem. Rogerius filius Corbet, Eiluuard.   Castrum. 52 hides. 254, a. 1. Chirbury, Montgomery. Montgomery [*].
Westune. Sex teini. Idem. Robertus filius Corbet.     1 hides. 256, a. 1. Chirbury. Priest-Weston.
Ristune. Seuuard. Idem. Elward.   Silva. 3 hides. 259, b. 1. Chirbury. Rhiston.
Roritune. Eluuard. Idem. Rogerius filius Corbet. Osulf. Silva, Dimidia Haia. 1 virgate. 255, b. 2. Chirbury. Rorrington.
Roritune. Aluric. Idem. Robertus filius Corbet. Leuric. Silva, Dimidia Haia. 1 virgate. 256, a. 1. Chirbury. Rorrington.
Wrdine. Morcar Comes. Idem. Rogerius filius Corbet. Picot, Reinfrid, Groisfrid, Grento. XII Berewichae, II Molini, Silva, IIII Haia. 14 hides. 255, b. 2. Chirbury, Ford. Worthin.
Udevertune. Elmund. Idem. Alward filus Elmundi.   Presbiter, Molinum. 3 hides. 259, b. 1. Chirbury. Wotherton.
            85 hides.      


[*] Table of the Domesday CHATELLANY of MONTGOMERY

Domesday Name. Domesday Under Earl Roger. Domesday Hidage. Modern Hundred. Modern Name.
Achelai. Eluuard. 1 hide. Cawrse. Ackley.
Benehale.   7 hides. ?. ?.
Cestelop.   2 hides. Montgomery. Castle Wright.
Dudeftune.   1 hide. Chirbury. Dudson.
Edritune. Roger Corbet. 1 hide. Cawrse. Edderton.
Elchitun.   hide. Chirbury. Hokelton.
Estune.   2 hides. Montgomery. Upper and Lower Aston.
Etenhop.   1 hide. Clun. Upper and Lower Edenhope.
Furtune. Roger Corbet. hide. Cawrse. Forden.
Goseford.   3 hides. ?. ?.
Heme. Roger Corbet. 3 hides. Cawrse. Great and Little Hem.
Hoptune.   2 hides. Montgomery & Cawrse. Pied Hopton and Red Hopton, or Hopton Ucha and Hopton Issa.
Horsford. Roger Corbet. hide. ?. ?.
Mulitune.   3 hides. Montgomery. Mellington.
Muntgomeri. (In Demesne). 3 hides. Montgomery. Montgomery.
Stantune.   7 hides. ?. ?.
Staurcote. Roger Corbet. 1 hide. ?. ?.
Tornberie. Roger Corbet. 1 hide. Cawrse. Thornebury.
Ulestanesmude.   3 hides. Cawrse. Wolston Mynd.
Urbetune. Roger Corbet. 1 hide. Cawrse. Wrobbeton.
Wadelestun.   3 hides. ?. ?.
Walecote.   1 hide. Chirbury. Walcot.
Westune. Roger Corbet. 3 hides. Cawrse. Great Weston or Weston Madoc.
*.   50 hides.    


End of Witentreu

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