A.D. 1198.

THE earliest documents entered in the Book of Fees belong to the last year but one of the reign of Richard I. Roger of Howden states that in 1198 the king exacted an aid or 'tallage' of 5s. from every carucate of land in England, the normal carucate comprising a hundred acres. A clerk and a knight were sent to each county in order to make the necessary assessment, in conjunction with the sheriff and lawful knights chosen for the purpose. The chronicler, after giving particulars of the system adopted, proceeds to say that the results of the enquiry in each county, styled by Bishop Stubbs "a new Domesday inquest", were eventually recorded on rolls kept by the clerk, the knight, and the sheriff and by the stewards of the different barons so far as their respective lords were concerned.

All the information thus collected with regard to knights' fees has long since been lost. Lands, however, which were held by serjeanty, by the performance of particular services, were in a separate category:-

"Serjanterim vero domini regis gum non erant de feodis militum excipiebantur; sed tamen imbreviabantur, et numerus carucatarum terra, et valentine terrarum, et nomina servientum; et omnes servientes illi summonebantur ease spud Lundonias in octavis clausi Pentecostes, audituri et facturi preceptum domini regis". [1]

The king's order thus mentioned was that his tenants by serjeanty should contribute to the levy, each of them being expected to make a 'fine', or composition in money.

The existence of transcripts of some of the reports of the commissioners of 1198 was unsuspected until 1888, when Mr. J. Horace Round drew attention to the fact that they had been "in type for more than eighty years", having been included "in that strange medley of returns" published under the name of 'Testa de Nevill'. As specimens, he printed the passages relating to the counties of York, Hereford, and Warwick and Leicester, and he concluded his article by expressing a hope that other fragments of the survey of 1198 would be identified. [2]

In the following pages are now given the passages relating to nineteen counties. None of the original returns are extant and we are thus entirely dependent upon the transcripts in the Book of Fees, which are scattered as usual throughout the book, and bear no indication of date.

It will be observed that some of the entries conclude with a note that a particular serjeant "venit" or "non venit", or that he "offert" a specified sum of money. These notes may have been made by the local commissioners in view of the natural unwillingness of the persons concerned to undertake a journey to London with the certainty of eventually having to pay. It

[1] Chronica Magistri Rogeri de Houedene (ed. Stubbs), vol. iv. pp. 46, 47.
[2] English Historical Review, vol. iii, pp. 501-510. In the same year, Sir Henry Barkly came to a similar conclusion with regard to the same counties, York, Hereford, Warwick and Leicester. Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, vol. xiii. p. 26.

2 A.D. 1198.

is more probable, however, that they were made in London, on or after the day on which the serjeants had been ordered to appear there. The compilers of the Book of Fees did not attempt to distinguish between the original text of the returns and any notes added thereto. To them are due the headings "De Testa de Nevill" indicating the source of their information.

YORK. The return is addressed to Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury, who was justiciar from 1193 to 1198. Roald, Prior of Guisborough, the first commissioner named, occurs in 1199. [1] Roger de Bavent, the third, was acting as sheriff from Easter 1194 to Michaelmas 1198. The mention of the octave of the Close of Whitsun as the day on which the serjeants ought to have appeared in London tends to prove the accuracy of Howden's narrative.

NORTHUMBERLAND. Although the return does not give the number of carucates held by certain serjeants named, it specifies the values of their respective serjeanties, and the 'fines' offered are noted in two cases. Sewal fitz Henry, William of Byker and John fitz Joel are alike mentioned as holding by serjeanty in this county in 1203. [2] If, as seems likely, the serjeanty of Sigga fitz Reynold lay in the wapentake of Sadberge, the entry concerning him must be anterior to March 1200, when that wapentake was transferred from the county of Northumberland to the bishopric of Durham. [3]

HEREFORD. The return is, like that from Yorkshire, addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

SALOP. Mr. Eyton, the historian of this county, has, on different pages of his work. ascribed this return to various dates between 1200 and 1205. [4] It cannot, however, be later than 1203, for in that year Robert fitz William, here named as the king's forester, was succeeded by his son, Hugh. [5] There is yet stronger evidence as to the date of the return. Walter of Minton, mentioned in it as one of the serjeants who did not offer to compound, undertook in 1199 to pay 2 marks "de serientia sua". [6]

STAFFORD. The return for this county immediately follows that for Salop, with which it was so closely connected. Five of the tenants by serjeanty mentioned in it are recorded in an eyre roll of 1199 to have made fine in varying amounts. [7]

NOTTINGHAM and DERBY. The phraseology of the return agrees with that of other returns of 1198. Peter of Sandiacre was living in 1201. [8]

WARWICK and LEICESTER. The phraseology of the return is again similar. Hugh de Loges was living in 1200, and Roger of Bentley in 1205. [9]

NORTHAMPTON. Alan of Hale was dead at Michaelmas 1200. when his son Robert is entered as owing 2 marks for livory of his lands. [10]

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CAMBRIDGE and HUNTINGDON. The return, as transcribed in the Book of Fees, does not give the values of the serjeanties. It appears, however, to have been made before 1199, when William of Warblington and Enguerrand de Monceaux divided the inheritance of Juliana wife of William fitz Audelin. [1]

RUTLAND. The Pipe Roll of 1198 shows that Ernisius, son of Richard Arbelaster, then paid 100s. for seisin of his father's land.

NORFOLK. The serjeanty of Roger la Vielle (Vetula) mentioned in the return was commuted for military service in 1201. [2] Lauretta Picot, the relict of Hugh de Burdeleis, was forty years of age in 1185. [3]

BEDFORD. Amauri de Landres is mentioned as holding land in this county in 1199, by a serjeanty connected with the royal larder. [4]

MIDDLESEX. The single entry is confirmed by a judicial roll of 1198. [5]

OXFORD. Gilbert Malesmeins held by serjeanty in this county in 1201. [6]

WILTS. The lands of Geoffrey Esturmi had been seized on account of his adherence to the king's brother John, Count of Mortain. In the financial year ending at Michaelmas 1198, he arranged to pay 500 marks for restitution and actually paid a moiety of that amount. [7] A year later, his son, Henry Esturmi, was regarded as responsible for the balance. [8] In the same year, 1199, Matthew Turpin paid a mark for seisin of Winterslow and the serjeanty whereof he had been deprived for not having gone abroad on the king's service as he ought. [9] Richard 'Ruffus' was dead at Michaelmas 1203. [10] Geoffrey of Pourton was dead at Michaelmas 1204. [11]

KENT. Sarah de Bendeville is mentioned in 1193, and again in 1198, when she took a vow of chastity. [12] The last entry in the return obviously cannot be earlier than 1201. From other sources we learn that the nature of William of Moriston's tenure was altered in 1199. Until that year he had held in gavelkind by a yearly payment of 50s. and other services unspecified, but he then became the military tenant of one normal fee. [13] It is uncertain whether the entry in its present form represents an alteration in a list of 1198, or an irrelevant addition to it. In either case, it cannot be later than 1209. when Thomas of Moriston became liable for relief on succession. [14]

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4 A.D. 1198

In printing the following returns of 1198, the abbreviated word 'car.' has been extended as 'carucata', unless preceded by the word 'wainagium', in which cases it has been extended as 'caruca'. It is, however, by no means certain that all medieval scribes would have made such a distinction. A note on the word 'wainagium' by Professor James Tait will be found in the English Historical Review, vol. xxvii. p. 720.


Excellentissimo domino suo H. dei gracia Cantuariensi archiepiscopo tocius Anglia primati devoti sui R. prior de Giseburn' et R. Arund' precentor Ebor' et Rogerus de Badvent vicecomes Ebor' et Willelmus de Perci et Radulfus de Bolebec et Galfridus Baard' et Galfridus de Welles et Robertus de Mayton', salutem et tam debitum quam devotum per amnia famulatum. Noverit excellencia vestra nos itinerantes in Nortrithing' ad ponenda tallagia super wainagia carucarum juxta mandatum vestrum variis negociis detentes in Richemundesir' et Aveland' [l] non potuisse venire ad wapentacium de Pykering' ante diem Veneris proximam post festum Sancte Trinitatis. Idro servientes domini regis tenentes de domino rep per seriantiam non potuerunt coram nobis [2] comparere apud Lund' ad diem a nobis [2] eis statutum, scilicet in octabis Clausi Pentecostes. Et quia absque presencia eorum de vabncia terrarum suarum et de numero carucatarum certifieari non potuimus eis diem prefiximus esse coram nobis [2] apud Lund' die Dominica proxima ante festum Sancti Barnabe apostoli.

Alanus Boye tenet in Lokinton' per seriantiam foreste, prout didicimus per sacramentum militum patrie et horninum eiusdem ville, iij. carueatas terre, valencie carucatarum xxx.s. Et ut dicitur ita appreciatum est tempore Henrici Regis senioris.

Alanus filius Galtridi tenet in Kinthorp per seriantiam foreste iij. earucatos, valencie carucatarum xxx.s.

Alanus Malekake tenet in Pikering per seriantiam ij. bovatas, valencia earueate x.s.

Wido Venator tenet in Aslakeby ij. carucatas per servicium aptandi unum limerium, valencie carucatarum xx.s.

Nomina militum et libere tenencium qui interfuerunt ubi terra Thome de Waukeriham quam tenet de seriantia in Geveldal' et Johannis la Poer quam tenet in Watlinton [3] et in Jarum [4] et in Barneby et Roberti de Geveldal quam tenet in eadems Willelmus filius Radulfi, Willelmus de Perci, Rogerus de Mundevill', Richardus de Brunnum, Ernisius de Melteby, Willelmus de Milinton', Willelmus filius Hugonis de Melteby.

[1] Read Cliveland.
[2] Read vobis, with Mr. Round.
[3] Read Waplinton.
[4] Read Japum.
[5] Supply some such words as appreciata fait.


II. 689-690 cont.

Isti dicunt in veredictis suis quod terra Johannis le Poer quam tenet in seriantia archerie apud Waplinton' et apud Jarum [1] et spud Barneby valet annuatim xij.l. scilicet due carucate terre et dimidia in Waplinton' et due carucate et dimidia in Jarum [1] et vj. bovate in Barneby.

Item dicunt quod terra Thome de Waukeriam, scilicet iij. carucate terre in Gaveldal in dominico de seriantia arbalistarie valet annuatim xxiiij.s. et non amplius, undo nequit aponere bovatam ad firmam nisi per xij.d. per annum; et carucata terre et dimidia in libero servicio unde nichil accipit nisi forinsecum servicium quando seriantia [2] domini regis incidit.

Item dicunt quad terra Roberti de Geveldal, scilicet iij. carucate terre et vj. bovate quas habet in dominico, valet annuatim xxx.s. per seriantiam arbalistarie et non amplius, unde nequid [3] apponere bovatam nisi per xij.d. per annum; et vj. bovate in libero servicio uncle nichil accipit nisi forinsecum servicium quando seriantia [2] domini regis incidit.


Seriantia Sewale [4] filii Henrici per servicium breviandi placita corone versus vicecornitena et faciendi summoniciones, cum quinque carucis [5] quas ibi habet, per annum valet xvi.l.

Domus ilia quam tenet in Novo Castello valet per annum iiij. m. de eoclern.

Seriantia Willelmi de Biker' valet per annum lxij.s. et iiij.d. per servicium breviandi et faciendi districciones.

Seriantia Johannis filii Joelis valet per annum xxxij.s. et vi.d. per servicium eligendi denarios regis. Offert domino regi xx.s.

Seriantia Sigge filie [6] Reginaldi de Sedberge valet per annum x.s. viij.d. per servicium custodiendi brevia corone. Offert domino regi dimidiam marcam.


Domino ac venerabili suo H. dei gracia Cant.uariensi archiepiscopo, tocius Anglie primati, vicecomes Hereford' et socii eius assignati ad taillagium faciendum de carucatis in Herefordsira, salutem et fidele servicium. Juxta mandatum vestrum, domine, de seriantiis de Herefordsira secundum formam a sanctitate vestra preseriptam diligenter inquisivimus. Et de singulis seriantiis hoc est veredictum.

[1] Read Japum.
[2] Read servicium.
[3] Read nequit.
[4] Read Sewali.
[5] Written in full.
[6] Perhaps an error for filii.

6 A.D. 1198.

I. 339 - cont.

In manerio domini regis de Mauurthin Simon de Wystaneston tenet in seriantia sua partem unius carucate, et valet per annum x.s. per faciendas summoniciones et ferendum thesaurum regis. Fuca servicium suum.

In eodem manerio Paganus Avenel in seriantia sua iiijtam partem j. carueate, et valet per annum dimidiam marcam per idem servicium.

In eodem manerio Willelmus Faleonarius v. partem unius carucate, et valet per annum vj.s.

In eodem manerio Hugo Caperun v. partem unius carucate, et valet per annum v.s.

In Akes Rogerus de Haia tenet de seriancia sua dimidiam carucatam, et valet per annum x.s. per' summoniciones faciendas. Stanford', Simon tenet in seriantia viij. partem unius carucate, et valet per annum iiij.s.

In eodem manerio Beniardus Picet [2] partem unius carucate, et valet per annum viij.s.

In Kyngeston Henricus le Fraurtceys et Rogerus de Haya tenent duas partes unius carucate in seriantia sua, unde pars Henrici valet per annum iij.s. et pars Rogeri v.s.



Robertus filius Willelmi, forestarius domini regis de Salopsira, tenet de seriantia in Belewas dimidiam carucatam terre in dominico que valet dimidiam marcam, et j. carucatam et dimidiam ibidem in villenagin que reddit xviij.s. et unum molendinum quod reddet x.s. et valeta per totum xxxiiij.s. et viij.d. Offert domino regi iij.m.

Idem tenet in Anebrig unum inolendinum qui [3] reddit x.s. et unam carucatam terre que valet x.s. vj.d. in fine predicto.

Idem tenet in Cote quartam partem carucate terre que valet iiii.s. et iij.s. de redditu in predicto fine. Valet per totum x.m.

Wiliclarus de Sagint' tenet de Roberto filio Willelmi de eadem seriantia dimidiam carucatam terre in dominico que valet dimidiam marcam et j. carucatam in villenagio que valet xvj s. et molendinum quod valet x.s. in finem [4] predicti Roberti.

Henricus de Lega tenet de eodem Roberto de seriantia dimidiam carucatum terre in Calveton' quo valet dimidiam marcam. Est in fine predicti Roberti.

Radulfus de Horlet de eodem tenet de seriantia dimidiam carucatam terre, et unum molendinum quod valet j. m. Est in fine predicti Roberti.

Reginaldus de Dodinton' tenet de eodem dimidiam virgatam terre in Dodinton' quo valet xl.d. Est in fine predicti Roberti.

[1] per summoniciones faciendas added on margin.
[2] Read Picot.
[3] Read quod.
[4] Read fine.


I. 279-280 - cont.

Robertus de Wolint' [l] tenet de domino rege seriantiam, scilicet dimidiam virgatam terre que valet iiij.s. per custodian servandi hayam regis. Offert dimidiam marcam.

Hugo Extraneus et Elias de Hatincham habent in custodia cum heredibus duas virgatas terre in Pulileg' de seriantia que valent viij.s. et Dionisia que fuit filia Rogeri Muissun tenet j. virgatam terre ibidem in dote que valet iiij.s.

Alexander de Haneburgo [2] tenet in seriantia unum molendinum quod valet ij. marcas et j. bovatam terre quo valet ij.s. et j. libram cimini in Novo Burgo. Idem tenet in Salop' vj.s. et x.d. de redditu assise et unum par calcarium duorum denarorium et iiijor ferra equi.

Adam de Beisin tenet in Burkinton' [3] et in Walkeslawe j. carucatam terre de seriantia in dominico et ij. carucatas terre in villenagio. Idem tenet in Esfeld partem carucate terre in villenagio. Dominicum valet xij.s. et villenagium lx.s. Idem tenet duo molendina que valent viij.s. per custodiam j. ancipitris regis.

Walterus de Muneton tenet de seriantia domini regis dimidiam carucatam terre in Muneton in dominico que valet x.s. et j. carucatam terre in villenagio que ei reddit xx.s.


Huntendon'. Una carucata, seriantia Henrici del Brok de foresta de Canoe que valet per annum x.s. et reddit per annum ij.m.

[R]edbaldeston'. j. carucata, seriantia Hugonis des Loges de eadem foresta et valet per annum x.s. sine instauro.

Wirleg'. Dimidia carucata, seriantia eiusdem Hugonis et reddit per annum xviij.s. unde idem Hugo reddit domino regi per annum iiij.s. in firma seriantie sue de Canoe. Et preterea tenet j. carucatam terre de seriantia in villenagio, et valet per totum x.m.

[R]ugeleg' pars. Ricardus del Suz. [4] iiijta pars carucate, seriantia ejusdem Ricardi de Canoe et valet per annum iiij.s. et reddit dimidiam marcam per annum.

Ibidem seriantia. Reginaldi del Suz. [4] xv. acre et possunt esse ad firmam per annum pro iij.s. et per servicium unius haie inter forestam.

Canoe pars. Jordanus, iiijta pars carucate, seriantia ipsius Jordani de foresta de Canoe et valet per annum ij.s.

Benetleg'. Dimidia carucata, seriantia, Rogeri de Benetleg' de eadem foresta valet per annum j.m.

Perton'. ij. carucate in villenagio, seriantia Rannulfi de Perton de archeria in guerra domini regis et valet per annum xxx.s. si ponitur ad firmam annuatim; et fecit servicium suum inde.



Reginaldus de Colewyk' tenet terram in Cokwyk' per servicium seriantie. Et milites qui jurant dicunt quod terra sua non valet per annum nisi vj.l.

[1] Testa de Nevi!l is added on the margin of I.280 here, near the top of a page, although omitted at the heading of the section.
[2] Read Novo Burgo.
[3] Read Wurkinton.
[4] Read Puz.

8 A.D. 1198

I. 93-94 - cont. Petrus Picot tenet Radeclive et Kyneston' per servicium seriantie hostricerie. Et sunt in eadem villa vj. carucate et dimidia et valent per annum ix. l. per sacramentum militum juratarum.

Willelmus filius Caste tenet in Hukenhal' wainagium unius caruce et quedam essarta et quoddam molendinum per seriantiam falconarie quod totum valet per annum vj.l. x.s. Willelmus venit et dicit quod facit seriantiam suam et quad habet falconem domini regis ad domum suam.

Robertus le Passeis tenet wainagium iij. carucarum in Sutton' per seriantiam et valet per annum xxx.s. inveniendo quendam equum de dimidia mares.

Galfridus de Brunnesley tenet in eadem villa et in Trowell' wainagium unius caruce et dimidie per seriantiam et valet per annum xx.s. et ilia seriantia est de honore Peverelli.

Petrus de Sandiaer' tenet terrain suam eiusdem vile per seriantiam ostrecerie, et valet per annum vij.l. et x.s. Et Ricardus de Riston' tenet de suo feodo et de eadem seriantia waingnagium j. cameo terre. Et Petrus venit et dicit quod facit servicium suum annuatim.



Hugo de Loges tenet per forestariam de Canoe in Cestreton' waignagium j. caruce in dominico [1] j. in villenagio, et valet iiij.m. per annum.

Idem Hugo in Sowe waignagium dimidie caruce; valet xiii.s. et j.d.

Idem Hugo in Radewey waignagium dimidie caruce, et valet x.s. per annum.

Gilbertus Crok tenet de seriantia predicti Hugonis in Greneberg' waignagium j. caruce, et valet xx.s.

Henricus de Morton' tenet de eodem in Morton' waignagium j. caruce, et valet xx.s. per annum.

Rogerus de Benetleg' tenet de eodem waignagium tercie partis j. caruce, et valet dimidiam marcam.

Radulfus filius Wigeni [2] tenet per marescauciam in Leminton waignagium dimidie carucate, et valet xx.s.

Idem tenet in Turlaveston waignagium j. caruce, et valet xxx.s. per annum.

Idem tenet in Wilibi waignagium j. caruce et dimidie, et valet xxx.s. per annum.

Idem tenet in Shreveleg waignagium j. caruce in dominico, unde moniales de Wrokeshal tenent dimidiam carucatam in libera elemosina, et in eadem villa waignagium j, caruce in villenagio, et valet per totum v.m. et dimidiam. Et idem Henricus [3] dicit quod fecit inde servicium suum domino rcgi annuatim.

Willelmus Cocus tenet ut ipse dicit xx. solidatas terre in Staverton' per seriantiam coquine.

[1] Supply et.
[2] Read Wigani.
[3] Read Radulfus.



I. 424 - cont. In Houton' et Wymundewald Willelmus de Gorz tenet de seriantia hostiarie domini regis waignagium iij. carucarum et dimidie. Et due domine sunt dotate de terra illa, scilicet Emma de Jorz et Alicia de Bert, et valet terra illa xx.s. Et terra quam Willelmus de Jorz tenet qui est in custodia Petri de Alakeston' valet xxiiij.s.

Et David de Scheftinton' tenet in Scheftinton' et in Merdefeld waignagium iiij. carucarum et j. virgatam. Et valet terra illa 1j.s. Et debet esse nuncius domini regis.



Alarms de Hale, forestarius de Olive, j. carucatam terre; valet xx.s. et tenet per archeriam.

Radulfus et Gilbertus tenent quartam partem j. carucate terre in Charwell per forestariam, et valet v.s. preter viij.s. quos reddunt per annum de firma.

Ricardus de Angaine ij. carucatas terre in Pectesle, et valent l.s. et est venator leporum [1] et facit servicium annuatim.

Idem Ricardus iij. carucatas terre in Laxeton, et valent lxx.s. Per eandem seriantiam.

Robertus Larcher iii. carucatas terre in Sibertoft, et valent c.s. Per archeriam et facit servicium.

Willelmus filius Henrici de Selveston octavam partem unius carucate terre, et valet iij.s. Per pincernariam.

Ascelinus et Andreas de Hecham iij. virgatas terre in seriantia, et valent xij.s. Per servicium ferendi brevia de honore de Hecham, et fecit servicium illud.




xxo librate terre quam Willelmus filius Adelini tenuit in villa de Tevresham per seriantiam marescalcie sunt escaete domini regis in custodia Stephani de Turnham.

xl. solidate terre quam Ernulfus filius Roberti tenuit in villa de Combreton per seriantiam pistrini sunt in custodia Simonis camerarii domini Cant'.

Centum solidatas terre habet Willelmus Monachus in villa de Seleford' per seriantiam aurifabri.

Ricardus Engaine habet in villa de Guedding c. solidatas terre per seriantiam eapiendi lupos et facit servicium suum cotidie.

Rogerus Malharteis tenet ij. carucatas per seriantiam custodiendi vigil' circa dominum regem.

[1] Read luporuni. Cf. p. 10 below, and Calendar of inquisitions, i. pp. 42, 275; vol. iii. p. 280; vol. iv. p. 84; vol. vi. p. 253; vol. viii. p. 162; Hen. VII. vol. i. p. 238; Feudal Aids, vol. iv. pp. 1, 18.

10 A.D. 1198.



Ricardus Arbalistarius de Saeton' in Roteland mortuus est et filius et heres eius vocatur Ernisius, set terra illa saisita est in manum domini regis et appreciata est ad c.s, et per ministratum debet eam tenere; et hoc est veredictum de visneto.




Radulfus de Alta Villa tenet in dominico iiijtam partem carucate et iij. partes unius carucate in homagio in villa de Erlham in custodia cum herede Ricardi de Werstede; precii lx.s.


Rogerus Ostricer tenet v. partes j. carucate in Redehal' in dominico et homagio per seriantiam osterie [2] de domino rege, et valet per annum xx.s. et facit servicium annuatim.

Radulfus de Alta Villa tenet j. carucatam et dimidiam in dominico et j. carucatam et dimidiam in homagio in villa de Dunton'; precii xiij.l.

Laurota Picot tenet dimidiain carucatam in dominico et iiijtam partem j. carucate in homagio in Sculeton', et valet per annum vj.l. per servicium serviendi larderie regis.

Rogerus Vetula tenet viijam partem j. carucate in homagio in Edmestorp' et iiijtam partem per seriantiam, et valet per annum j.m. Est in custodia Radulfi de Havill'.

Robertus filius Ricardi tenet xij. partem j. carucate in dominico et homagio in villa de Turstona, et valet ij.m.



Villa de Felmersham. Ricardus de Peencurt tenet ij. carucatas terre in dominico et in villenagio que valent per annum iiij.m. per servicium ease dispensator regis.

Ibidem Amauricus de Landres tenet ij. carucatas excepta quinta parte illarum duarurn carucatarum quam Henricus de Knell' tenet; et iste due carucate valent iiij.m. et tota villa est de seriantia domini regis.

Turveia. Lambertus Sellator tenuit dimidiam carucatam de seriantia domini regis que valet xij.s. set dicunt quod est esehaeta, Est in manu domini regis.

Maperteshale. Gilbert us de Mapertesala tenet unam carucatam in dominico. Liberi hornines iij. partes j. carucate. Dustic [3] iiijtam partem. Canonici de Merton ij. partes carucate in dominico

[1] Read Ersham.
[2] Read ostricerie.
[3] Read Rustici.


II. 228 - cont. Hospitalarii de Ierosolyma vj. partes j. carucate. Moniales de Chikesand tenent ij. carucatas et dimidiam in dominico suo. Galfridus de Pullehang' et Walterus filius Gilberti tenent iiij. partes j. carucate de honore de Walingford'. Et hec predicta villa tota est de seriantia domini regis, set tamen iij. hide et una virgata defendunt se in comitatu Hereford [1]; pars vero residua appreciata est lx.s.



Willelmus filius Ote tenet in Lilleston' in servien' [2] unam carucatam terre que valet xl.s. per servicium servandi signa regis monete, et facit servicium suum per totum annum.



Robertus de Liddinton tenet j. carucatam in Ranton [3] per serianteriam, et valet per annum j.m. quia terra multum sterilis est; per falconariam. Offert domino regi j.m.

Henricus de la Mare ij. carucatas et dimidiam in Alveseicuth' per serianteriam, et valent per annum l.s.

Gilbertus Malesmeins ij. carucatas et dimidiam et in villenagio iiij. carucatas in villa de Wotton' de dote uxoris sue, et valent xx.l. cum hundredo. Non venit vel se essoniavit.

Robertus filius Alani j. carucatam et dimidiam in Orton', et valet xl.s. per servicium portandi baneram populi prosequentis per marinam. Et offert j.m.

Almaricus Dispensator ij. carucatas in dominico et in villenagio ij. carucatas in Ewelm, et valent c.s.

Idem in dominico ij. carucatas et in villenagio iij. carucatas in Magna Rollend', et valent per annum ciiij.s. per servicium dispenserie; et dicit quod fecit servicium illud et modo facit pro eo gener suus, et offert iij.m.

Henricus filius Willelmi in dominico et villenagio j. carucatam in Middelton', et valet per annum xl.s. Essoniavit se per Thomam le Bretun.

Radulfus Purcell in dominico j. carucatam in Niweton', et valet per annum xl.s. Non venit vel se essoniavit.



Gaffridus Esturmi tenuit in Cuvelesfeld de domino rege j. carucatam per seriantiam. Modo est in manu domini regis et valet xx.s.

[1] Read Hertford'.
[2] Read seriantia.
[3] Read Banton or some such form.


12 A.D. 1198

II. 640-641 - cont. Willelmus Spileman in eadem villa j. carucatam de domino rege per seriantiam, et valet xx.s.

Galfridus de Luveriz j. carucatam de domino rege per seriantiam, et valet xx.s.

Galfridus de Pourton in Hiwis dimidiam carucatam de domino rege per seriantiam, et valet x.s.

Radulfus Heiraz quartam partem j. earucate de seriantia in Alewarebir', et valet v.s.

Ricardus filius Petri quartam partem in Meleford de seriantia et valet v.s.

Andreas Moberd' in Meleford quartam partem carucate, et valet v.s.

Henricus de la Mara quartam partem carucate de seriantia, et valet v.s. in 'Laverkstok.

Jordanus de Laverkestok in Laverkestok quartam partem de seriantia. et valet v.s.

Henricus de la Mara in Winterburn' ij. carucatas de seriantia, et valent c.s.

Galfridus de Pourton in Pourton' j. carucatam et dimidiam de seriantia, et valent lij.s. vj.d.

Edwardus Pancet in Putton' quartam partem j. carucate de seriantia, et valet v.s.

Ricardus Archarius in Ferleg' dimidiam carucatam de seriantia, et valet x.s.

Philippus de Lingiur de Ricardo de Cardunvill iijam partem j. carucate que est de seriantia in Stauline', et valet x.s.

Andreas Moberd' in Langeford j. carucatam et dimidiam seriantia, et valent lx.s.

Galfridus de Pourton in Bretford dimidiam carucatam, et valet x.s.

Galfridus Camerarius in Norkinton iij. carucatas, et valent x.l.

Galfridus Monachus in Medinton ij. carucatas, et valent vj.l.

Willelmus Spileman in Tidulveshida dimidiam carucatam, et valet xx.s.

Robertus Duinel in Hywis ij. carucatas, et valent lx.s.

Ricardus Ruffus in Immemer ij. carucatas, et valent c.s.

Everard in Swindon iij. partem j. carucate de Willelmo Spileman de seriantia, et valet x.s.

Willelmus de Anesya iij. carucatas, et valent vj.l.

Ricardus Ruffus in Immeden' j. carucatam de dono Henrici Regis, et valet c.s. cum instauro.

Mauricius serviens in Walecot viijam partem j. carucate, et valet iij.s

Walterus Spileman in Helmerton j. carucatam, et valet xx.s.

Ricardus Spileman in Toeham dimidiam carucatam de feodo Willelmi Spileman de seriantia, et valet xx.s.

Robertus de Venuz in Draycota iij. carucatas, et valent c.s.

Hismena de Chauz in Eston ij. carucatas, et valent lx.s. et Rogerus Falconarius [1] annuatim inde serviciune

Michael de Middelton' in Middelton' quartam partem j. carucate, et valet x.s. per servicium servandi lepores. [2]

Willelmus de Donecliva [3] in Wicha quartam partem j. carueate, et valet v.s.

[1] Supply facit.
[2] Read luparios.
[3] Read Bouecliva.


II. 640-641 - cont. Johannes de Wycha in eadem villa quartam partem j. carucate per falconariam [1] foreste, et valet v.s.

Galfridus Esturmi tenuit in Burbech et in Durdolee ij. carucatas. Modo sunt in manu domini, et valent c.s.

Nicholaus Monachus in Westgrafton' j. carucatam, et valet xx.s.

Robertus Doynel in Estgrafton' dimidiam carucatam, et valet xv.s.

Walterus Esturmi in Staudiburn' j. carucatam et dimidiam, et valent l.s.

Matheus Turpin in Wintreslawe ij. carucatas, et valent xl.s. per servicium faciendum le Lare [2] regis et fecit servicium.

Galfridus de Pourton' in eadem villa dimidiam carucatam, et valet x.s.

Philippus de Lye in Eston' quartam partem carucate, et valet x.s.

Galfridus de la Huse habet in Hinglesbam j. carucatam terre in dominico suo et dimidiam carucatam assisam et tenet in seriantia; valet l.s. per servicium mutandi osturcum et fecit servicium suum.

Mauricius de Kalna tenet iiij. solidatas terre in Queynford per seriantiam.

Galfridus filius Pagani in Wykedon [3] ij. carucatas terre per seriantiam coquina.



Albreda de Jarpenvill' tenet Effeton' in seriantia, et valet lx.s. et debet servire regi de ostriceria sua et dicunt quod serviunt [4] per Henricum le Tuschet.

Sarra de Bendevill tenet Peccham, et valet x.l. et debet invenire hominem ad ferendum j. osturcum ultra mare ad sumptus domini regis et facit annuatim servicium suum.

Willelmus de Beche tenet Burnes in seriantia, et valet xi. et debet invenire domino regi j. navem ad servicium suum, et offere [5] domino regi iij.m.

Robertus de Baltun' tenet Waveringes in seriantia, et valet xxx.s. et debet invenire regi j. equum de v.s. ad sumonicionem suam.

Manaser de Hastinges tenet Grenech' in seriantia, et valet c.s.

Stacekinus de Burnes qui est infra etatem et in eustodia Roberti de Turneham tenet Burnes in seriantia, et valet x.l. In manu Roberti de Turneham per dominum regem.

II. 50. Willelmus de Moriston tenet per servicium unius feodi militis tenementum quod tenet de rege in hundredo de Middelton' untie consuevit reddere vieecomiti l.s. per annum in partem finite corporis comitatus, sieut continetur in rotulo tereio Regis Johannis in Kancia.

[1] Read seriantiam.
[2] Read claret'.
[3] Read Wydehull.
[4] Read serviit.
[5] Read offert.

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